Chuwi Hi8 Dual OS 8 Inch Tablet

Chuwi-hi8-8-Inch-Tablet-WhiteThe Chuwi Hi8 Tablet (8 Inch) has a very impressive specification for the money it costs to buy. IPS display, 2GB RAM, 32GB Storage space (eMMC ROM), and it has dual operating systems. This means two separate operating systems are installed and you can choose which one you want to use. This particular Tablet has Windows 10 and Android 4.4 Kit Kat.

This makes the Chuwi Hi8 a very versatile device. It runs well on either operating system and offers a user experience with more options than most Tablets. Download Apps and use the Tablet like a "Tablet", or switch to Windows 10 and have all the features that a desktop computer / laptop with Windows has to offer on the same device.

Great features, good specification, competitive price..Yeah, sounds like a contender. Sadly, in this super competitive market place of Tablets, the Chuwi has one component missing, specially within its respective price range. And that's a well-known brand name. Within this price range you can buy a Tablet from a much more well-known brand. Below are a few examples of Tablets hovering around the same price range as the Chuwi Hi8.

  • ASUS Google Nexus 7 - 7-Inch
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 - 7-Inch
  • Lenovo S6000
  • Asus ZenPad 7.0 Z370C
  • 10 Inch Fusion5® (Windows 8). 
  •  Huawei MediaPad T3 7"

I mean, there are some superb Tablets mentioned there. Are you going to choose the Chuwi Hi8 over these? There is so much choice out there, but it's the trust and track record of the more well-known brands that wins most people over. That's not to say that the Chuwi wouldn't be just as good, or for some tasks better than the ones mentioned. But will most people take that risk? Probably not.

The Chuwi Hi8 has an Intel Z3736F Quad Core Processor. This is a decent Processor which offers good speed and efficiency for multi-tasking. It's a fairly good all-rounder. But in particular it handles the basics, like simple software programs, surfing the net, and basic Applications better. It's not the best Processor for playing complex, CPU sapping games. So if you're buying this Tablet for playing games it's not the best option for the price.

If this Tablet drops in price then it's definitely worth considering, but at its current price tag there is just too much competition from some of the major players in the Tablet market. And it's not just competition as far as money goes, but it also has some seriously good, very capable Tablets to compete with. For half the price of the Chuwi 8, you can buy a Ten Inch Fusion5 Octa Core Tablet with Android 5.1 Lollipop. For such a low price its an excellent deal.

Amazon Fire HD7 Tablet Black Friday

Black Friday Deal
Wow, just when you thought it couldn't get any cheaper, Amazon go and put the Fire 7" down in price in the Black Friday Sales. The price is crazy low. Please note: All prices are subject to change at any time. And excellent news for people looking to buy a cheap Tablet for themselves, or for someone else as a gift for Christmas.

It looks as though due to the slash in price that Amazon are not letting people buy more than two, which is understandable because with such a hefty discount on an already cheaply priced item, they will be sold out really fast if individual people were able to buy bigger quantities. This way more people get to take advantage of a nice saving.

Everything has been said about the Fire 7" on this website already, it's a great device for the most part. And at this price it's almost unbeatable. There are some other superb deals happening on Amazon for Black Friday. One is the Fire Kids Edition 7 Inch. The Kids edition also comes with a great warranty for peace of mind. The Six Inch Kindle with Anti-Glare is also down in price. And another Tablet to consider, which has also had a discount applied is the Acer Iconia One B1-820. However, reviews for this model aren't exactly glowing. Yet again, it's the Fire 7" that wins the competition for value for money.

There were a few competitors alongside the Fire 7" that were well within the fifty pound price range, but now with the Fire being so low, I doubt the other brands will be able to drop to such a low price point. But then again, with the run up to Xmas and with competition being fierce we could see other brands match the price in order to grab their share of the Xmas buying frenzy. If the Fusion5 9" or 10" matches this price I would buy one of those instead. The Fusion5 are cheap enough and sell well anyway so there's no guarantee that they will drop any lower in price. So, as it stands right now, if you want a quality Tablet today at the cheapest possible price, the Fire HD7 is a great choice.

Linx 810B 8-Inch Windows Tablet Review

Linx-810B-8-Inch-TabletThe Linx 810B is a great choice for people who are looking for a Tablet that can function like a Laptop or desktop computer. Having a Windows operating system makes it all the more familiar to people who have been using Windows Operating Systems on other devices. And very quickly you will feel right at home with this Tablet. Buy an external keyboard and mouse and this is basically a Windows Laptop. If you want a Linx Tablet for cheapest possible price take a look at the seven-Inch model.

The performance is mid-range to really good depending on how demanding you are. It does most things well. Games and movies run smoothly, and the Internet works without hesitation. And as long as you don't have lots and lots of different websites / tabs open at once it will continue to run with ease.

Coupled with the Atom Processor, the 1GB RAM is a little on the frugal side for a device that has such an energy sapping operating system. The 10 Inch model has 2GB RAM. However, 1GB is enough for the device to run well most of the time. But If you are too demanding with the resources there will be some lag when operating the Linx 810B under heavy usage.

Quick Specification For The 810B 8 Inch Windows Tablet

  • IPS display with 1280 x 800 resolution
  • Quad-Core Intel Atom processor
  • 1GB RAM, 32GB Hard Drive
  • 2.0MP front and rear cameras
  • Windows 10 Operating System
  • Free Office Mobile Included (Word Mobile, Excel Mobile,Power Point Mobile)
  • Bluetooth
  • Micro HDMI Port

Overall it's a cheaper alternative to the more expensive, high performing Tablets out there including iPads, Surface etc. It's not going to out perform any of the top Tablets in any department, but we shouldn't expect it to for the price. Actually, have you looked at some of the reviews for the new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Wow, they are seriously bad. So OK, the Linx 810B doesn't cost as much, almost a tenth of the price of the Pro 4. But it still beats it for higher rated reviews from users!. Who'd have thought it.

It's puts up a good fight, and people on a tight budget will be more than happy with this Tablet. Good overall performance, impressive build quality, nice sharp IPS Screen, and Windows 10, all for a cheap price. It's not all about Apps on a Windows Tablet. With the 810B you can also install real software programs just like you can on a laptop or desktop PC. It even has different methods of operation. Use it like a Tablet or change it to a normal PC if that's what you prefer.

If you're looking for a Tablet that has Windows 10 already installed, the Linx 810 is one of the cheaper options. The 7 Inch model is pretty good too, but requires the user to manually upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. For the most part the upgrade process is straight forward for most people, but there are a few reports of the hard drive / storage capacity becoming close to full after the upgrade to Windows 10 has been completed.

This is because the Windows 8.1 operating system is still present on the hard drive and still taking up the space. All you have to do is clear the system files via the disk clean up utility and that should save around 6GB - 8GB of storage space. It's an easy process, but if you don't want to have to install anything and just want Windows 10 ready to go out the box the Linx 810B is one you should consider.

What do the Linx 810B reviewers say

Reviews are mostly positive. And most say that this is an excellent deal for the price. But as with most Tablets, there are a few bad reviews. Battery life seems to be the most common issue, with some people saying the battery duration isn't all that great. Then there's a small mix of various little niggles. Some of the reviews are a bit harsh. Some one star ratings were due to the Tablet listing being wrong. It stated that the product came with a free external keyboard when it did not. This left a bad taste in the mouths of some buyers and they decided to give it the worst rating possible. I believe the listing has now been corrected. Looking for something a bit bigger, and more of a 2-in-1 hybrid. Take a look at the Linx 1010 model.

Lexibook 7 Inch Tablet Reviews

The kids range of Lexibook 7 Inch Tablets have some seriously bad reviews. For the price it really should fare better. Specially when you consider what else you can buy for around the same price. And when you also take into account that for the same price of a Lexibook 7 Inch you can get a Quad Core Tablet that is fast and stable, with good memory and battery life, and also comes complete with kids software pre-installed. So why bother with a Lexibook when they are riddled with problems. A lot of people still buy them despite negative reviews.

But if you want to avoid a potential headache, don't waste your money on one. Some of the major problems that people report are that the device only allows the user to charge the Tablet up one time, then after that it just won't allow the user to charge it again. So it basically has the chance of not even lasting you the day before it can't be charged anymore. Another issue is the battery life itself is very bad. In fact, most people say the product just plain doesn't work properly. Someone asked a question about one of the Tablets (The one pictured) on Amazon, and a user who has bought and owned the product said. Can't help you, " Mine does not even turn on".

One of two things is going on with Lexibook Tablets. Their products are either suffering from severe quality control issues, or they are trying to make as much money as possible and have got the manufacturers in China to use the cheapest parts and components possible in order to get their unit price down as low as possible. They then market that low quality product as a "First Tablet for Kids", throw some kids decoration on the surface like bright colours, happy kids on the screen in the pictures of the product, bit of software for the kids to use, and there you go. You now have a cheaply made, poor quality product marketed for kids that won't last very long because it has been made using the cheapest parts possible.

And its OK, because it's just a kids Tablet anyway. That's what it looks like they want you to think. Give it a pass so to speak. Well it does matter, and it doesn't get a pass. Kid or adult, who wants to buy and use a product that is riddled with problems and only has a short lifespan. Nobody. Who cares how user-friendly a product is marketed as being if it doesn't even work.

Products like this should be taken off sale on Amazon and only allowed to return if they are revised and made to a better standard. Much better options are out there, some are even cheaper than most of the Lexibook 7 Inch models. Two that are much better quality kids Tablet are the KAPOW 7 Inch and the EUHubb 7 Inch. Both are excellent for the price, cheaper than the Lexibook models, and the reviews speak for themselves.

Graphics Drawing Tablet With Screen

Graphics Drawing Tablet With ScreenMost cheap Tablets made for drawing and graphics do not have a screen. They are basically a drawing mat. Kind of like a computer mouse, but in the form of a slate and a stylus pen. The actual drawing  / graphics are projected onto the screen of what the Graphics Tablet has been plugged into (via USB), such as a desktop computer or a laptop.

If you do buy one of these types of Tablets you will find that, like most things when they are being used for the first time, do have a learning curve. However, once you get used to the combination of using your hand / stylus pen while looking at the screen of your desktop / laptop, you can quickly become somewhat of an expert at mastering this technique.

The question you need to ask yourself is: Would you rather save a considerable amount of money and master the use of a cheaper Tablet that has no screen. Or would you rather pay more money and buy a Tablet which has a screen that you draw on directly.

Of course, the cheaper graphics Tablets are not perfect and do have some little flaws like the slight delay / lag between the transferring of the drawing / hand movements from the Tablet to the computer screen etc.

However, this is mostly down to the processing power of the computer / laptop. A higher spec computer / laptop won't show much lag at all, if any. So the no-screen Tablets are a great choice for most people. They are very easy to use, and have the ability to deliver professional results.The precision to minute graphical details, once you get the hang of using this type of set up, is really impressive for the price. Their build quality is mostly very high also. You really can't go far wrong.

The more expensive models that have their own screen to work on are more professional in appearance and offer a user experience that resembles an artist using a mini Easel. Most can be placed on a desktop upright, or be tilted and adjusted to suit the user. They are basically like a flat screen TV in appearance, but with a screen that you draw on! This is digital drawing, live and at its best.

Ugee UG-1910B19" Drawing TabletReviews are generally very good for this model considering its price. Sadly, this model is now sold out. But if you're looking for an excellent, extremely capable alternative graphics tablet with it's own screen, take a look at the brilliant XP-PEN Artist22 Pro 22 Inch Graphics tablet, which is packing an IPS HD (High Definition) display.

Most of the best models have been made to a very high standard. Anti-radiation, reinforced glass, scratch resistant screen, and bump / jolt protection all as standard. They offer total flexibility and allow the user to push their limits of creativity to levels previously not achievable by hand on a computer device offered to the consumer market.


The one name that stands out above all, is Wacom. They produce the Cintiq models. And make no mistake about it, within their price range they are some of the absolute best graphics tablets you can buy. Truly amazing results, and a build quality to match. If you're serious about your artwork, or you need one for your actual job, the Wacom Cintiq models are what you should be looking at. Did I mention the price?..

Are you ready for this. Are you sitting down. It's not that expensive really considering what you get in return. As you probably guessed, they are not cheap. The price for the cheapest model of Cintiq is still expensive. Then we go up through the models right up to the spectacular Wacom Cintiq 24 HD, which will require you to hand over serious cash and see you handed back some copper coins for your change. A great model to consider if you are looking spend a considerable amount of money, but not quite 24 HD money, is the Wacom Cintiq 27QHD, which costs slightly less.

Cheaper Alternatives

There is a dark horse though that comes in way under the price of even the cheapest Cintiq. The model pictured on this page is the Ugee UG-1910B19" Drawing Tablet (now sold out). It is a fully fledged Graphics Tablet with a pressure sensitive screen that's been made to be drawn onto directly. It makes an excellent alternative to the more expensive Cintiq range. It still offers all of the advantages and added benefits of working directly on to a screen.

The Ugee 1910B 19" is really well made and works with most of the popular graphic related software like Photoshop, Corel Painter, CorelDraw, Manga Studio etc. There are others out there for sale, but the Ugee 1910B is the product that gives you the best all-round deal in terms of performance and build quality for the price. It costs a lot less than a Cintiq. And it's a steal at the price its on sale for. Customer reviews of this model are superb.

I suppose it depends on how serious you are about what you need to use the device for. If you just fancy a doodle now and then, or want one for the kids to play with, it would be best to go for something cheaper, with no screen, that still offers a good user experience, like the EX07 Ugee TrueTouch Gen 5 or the Huion 1060 Plus.

Both are excellent devices for their cheap price tags, and are compatible with lots of different graphics / drawing related (pressure sensitive) software like Manga Studio, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Tool SAI, Visio, Corel Painter and CorelDraw. As well as many more software programs. Even professionals use these two models for work purposes, so they are both very capable of great results.

More Budget Priced Tablet PC Deals

Last week we published a review list consisting of some of the best cheap Tablets to buy in the UK Well, after more research, here are four more great Tablet deals to consider if you're on a tight budget. Each one is still low in price just like the first list, so they are all excellent value for money. Please Note: All prices are subject to change at any time.

TaoHaoHuo 10 Inch Android Tablet

TaoHaoHuo A33 Quad CoreThe 10" TaoHaoHuo has an A33 Quad Core Cortex-A7 Processor, which consists of 4 x 1.3Ghz Cores. It also has Mali-400, which is basically a built-in graphics card, but in many ways a much cleverer one that is a perfect match for the TaoHaoHuo's A33 Quad Core Quad Core Processor.

 The operating system installed on this Tablet is Android Kit Kat. A lot of the cheaper Tablets have an 8GB hard drive and 512MB RAM but this one has double that with 16GB of internal storage and 1GB RAM (DDR2). Perfect for all the usual things like playing games, watching films, Apps, reading books, music, Interneting, and doing After school studies! Get yourself an add-on external keyboard and mouse and it becomes a mini-laptop. A cheap little workhorse.

Bluetooth and USB On The Go are present.. The 10 Inch TaoHaoHuo Tablet also supports an external 3G device (dongle). The Dual cameras are the same basic quality that most of the cheap Tablets have. A third of a megapixel front facing camera, and a 2MP camera at the back. Overall this is a great little package for the low price. And taking into consideration the specifications, this Tablet will should be a good multi-tasker for the price.

Another potential bonus depending on the quality of the lithium Ion battery itself is that the battery in this Tablet has a bigger capacity than a lot of the other Tablets have that fall within this price range. The battery is 5000mAh. Whether or not that converts into the battery actually lasting longer will be down to the user to determine from using the Tablet daily. Reviews are good. And there's a 12 month UK warranty included for peace of mind.

Fusion5 7 Inch Quad Core IPS Tablet

A Fusion5 Tablet was included on the previous list, and it was a bigger sized Tablet (9 Inch) than this 7 Inch model. However, this 7 Inch Fusion5 Tablet is an updated version in more ways than one. Being one of the updated models, It has slightly tougher, more durable build quality. And also has many of the latest features that are seen in other Tablets from different brands currently new on the market, like an IPS display and the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. If you're not aware, an IPS (In-Plane Switching) display basically means better, more vivid colours and the ability to see what is displayed on the Tablets screen more clearly when looking at the screen from obscure angles. The Tablet is around half an inch is thickness. Now sold out.

The Fusion5 7 Inch Tablet also has 1GB RAM and a built-in 8GB of Flash storage space (Upgradable to 32GB maximum). The Quad Core Processor is made up of 4 x 1.2Ghz Processors. This is an excellent little Tablet that has impressive reviews. But then again, most Fusion5 Tablets do have good reviews. The Fusion5 7 Inch will be more than enough for most people who want to read books, play games, surf the Internet, Youtube etc, with a fast and responsive Tablet that won't break the bank.

Comes with mini USB cable and charger. This Tablet, like the rest from Fusion5, comes with a 1 year warranty included. It also has all the usual features most cheap Tablets have like dual cameras, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro SD card slot etc. But please note: This Tablet does not have Bluetooth or GPS. Still a great deal.

Tabtronics KAPOW 7'' Childrens Android Tablet Bundle

TABTRONICS-KAPOW-7-KIDS-TabletIf you're looking for an excellent little Tablet bundle deal to give to a child as a gift, this Tabtronics KAPOW 7 Inch Android Tablet Bundle is going to be hard to beat. For £50 you get a fairly powerful, responsive 7 Inch Tablet, a neat little Tablet case, and a pair of kids headphones.The Tabtronics KAPOW 7 Inch Tablet has an A33 Quad Core Processor (4 x 1.2Ghz Cores), Android Kit Kat 4.4 Operating System, 8GB hard drive, 512MB RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, built-in microphone, 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro SD card slot and dual cameras.

It's a great Tablet for kids or someone who is new to the Tablet world and wants something that's basic and easy to use, but still very capable. It comes pre-loaded with Google Play, and because it's an Android Tablet your child can download as many games, educational or otherwise, as they so desire. This will keep them occupied for hours.

Be aware though, 8GB of storage will not last very long if you are downloading lots of apps, TV series from BBC iPlayer, or films. You will most probably need to buy a Micro SD card to add extra storage space. This is the same as any Tablet that comes with 8GB of storage space because around 3GB will have been used up by the operating system and other files and software that the Tablet comes installed with.

Thankfully, SD Cards are cheap to buy. You can get a 32GB Micro SD card for very cheap. A 12 month UK warranty is included with this deal. You don't have to buy this Tablet as a bundle. It can be bought on its own. Tabtronics KAPOW 7" is available in Pink or Blue.

Honourable Mention

If you're on a really tight budget and need a decent Tablet as a Christmas present for the kids, the EUHubb 7 inch Android Tablet is well worth a look. It has many great reviews and is very cheap to buy. You can get the Dual Core model for a low price. Or you get the Quad Core model, which will perform better, for a little more. Both have 8GB of built-in storage space, 512MB RAM, WiFi, dual cameras, headphone jack, and a Micro SD card slot.

It has parental control software ready to be set up already on the device. Google Play is present and it also comes with lots of kids games pre-loaded and ready to go. One negative is that the battery life isn't that long. Other than that the EUHubb 7 inch Android Tablet is a good little deal. It's not just for kids, adults can also use this Tablet and be able to do everything they could on any other Tablet that's considered as an "Adult" model. Available in Blue or Pink.

A UK List Of Best Cheap Tablet PCs

dragon-touch-tablet uk
If you're prepared to do a bit of hunting around there are some good Tablets to be found on sale for very cheap. You have to be careful though when buying a Tablet within this cheap price range, as there are so many Tablet computers and components imported from China these days that it can be hard to separate the good ones from the bad. Updated for 2019.

Customer reviews will play a big part in this. And also questions from potential customers about the products, because these questions are answered by the very people who have already bought the product and have been using it for several weeks or months.

This is the type of feedback that needs to be looked at in order to get a feel for how the Tablet will last and perform over a longer period of time. The work has been done for you. See below for a list of some of the best cheap (Reliable) Tablets to buy in the UK. Please note: All prices are subject to change at any time.

FUSION5 9" Quad Core Tablet

Fusion5Probably one of the best deals out of all the cheap Tablets on the market right now in the UK. The FUSION5 A7 Quad-Core and MALI 400 GPU Android Tablet is totally open to everything you could possibly want to do with it. Total freedom! Please note: This model has been updated, and as a result it now has a better specification. But is more expensive. Although, not by a huge amount. Read books, play games, watch films online, and of course, browse the Internet.

Being pre-installed with the Kit Kat operating system its very easy to use, and also very smooth and stable thanks to its A7 Processor and adequate 512MB DDR3 RAM (Now 1GB). It has impressive WiFi capabilities and a good quality screen for the price. It also has 8GB of internal storage (Now optional 16GB or 32GB), Micro SD Card slot, headphone jack, mini USB port, Bluetooth, and dual cameras. You get all this, and on top of that you also get a free 1 year warranty (limited) included when you buy this Tablet brand new from Fusion5. (Model updated - Price changed).

This is an excellent deal for the price. Only draw backs are the two cameras are not very good quality and the speakers aren't the best. But for this price it's still a great bargain. Spend  a little more and get the upgraded 10.1 Inch Fusion5 Tablet with 4.4 Kitkat, 1GB RAM, and 16GB Internal Storage. And it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Amazon Fire 7" Tablet

One of the latest additions to the Amazon Tablet range. And also the cheapest. This Tablet has set a new overall standard of quality of what can be bought for such a low price. It's a stable and smooth Tablet to use and is great for streaming video, playing games, and surfing the Internet. The Amazon Fire 7" Tablet has a Quad Core Processor (4x 1.3GHz), WiFi, 8GB built-in storage, and extra clear IPS display.

This Tablet is the number one best seller on Amazon for a reason, and the big majority of positive reviews reflect its performance and value for money. The only downfall is that there are some teething problems because they are so new, and everything is kept "In house", such as the Apps and online storage space (Cloud). It's not fully "open" for the user to download what they please instantly. Google Play and other software can be installed but requires some searching around on the Internet and side-loading. For people who can't be bothered with all that it's probably best to buy an Android Tablet for around the same price (Fusion5) which is open to everything straight out the box.

Yuntab V101H 10.1 Inch Tablet

Yuntab V101HThe Yuntab V101H 10.1 Inch Tablet has excellent reviews, but there isn't that many of them. But with what reviews there are, they were mostly all written by happy customers. Just one buyer rated it badly and that was because it arrived damaged. So nothing to do with the Tablets performance. This is another cheap Tablet that has a really good specification for the price. Read the reviews.

It features the Quad Core Allwinner A33 Processor which is made up of 4 x 1.5GHz Cores, Android Kit Kit operating system, 8GB built-in storage space (max 32GB), 512MB RAM, Bluetooth, dual cameras, headphone jack, micro USB port, Micro SD card slot, and its compatible with a 3G dongle. It also comes with Google Play pre-installed. For a bargain price the Yuntab V101H 10.1 inch Tablet is well worth taking the risk on. It appears to be a really good Tablet for the money.

iRULU eXpro X1a 9 Inch Android Tablet

iRULU eXpro X1a 9 InchWith the iRULU eXpro X1a 9 Inch Tablet we again see a cheap Tablet with excellent reviews. And again, there are not a lot of reviews. This time the reviews are not from people who have bought the product, but by Amazon UK users who were given the Tablet free of charge, and in return they will leave a truthful review about what they thought of the product. As of writing this, the iRULU eXpro X1a has a total of 6 reviews written by people who were given it for free by Amazon, and every one of them has said that it is a great, high quality Tablet for the price. Product discontinued.

This Tablet has a Quad Core ARM Cortex-A7 processor which is made up of 4 x 1.3 GHZ Cores. It also has 512MB RAM (although one reviewer said it had 1GB), and the combination of both the A7 processor and the DDR3 RAM makes this Tablet fairly fast and able to multi-task with relative ease.

It has all the usual features included on most cheap Tablets including, WiFi, Micro SD slot dual cameras, microphone, USB port, headphone jack and Bluetooth. A few other features that are good to see included are that it supports a 3G dongle and has a 16GB hard drive rather than 8GB that you normally get on budget Tablets. The iRULU eXpro X1a also comes with a free protector for both the front screen and back cover.

Things to be aware of with this model: No charger is included, just a USB lead (normal USB on one end and Micro USB on the other) which you can use to charge the Tablet from another device. The WiFi connection has been known to be temperamental on some of these Tablets and the configuration may need to be changed to a static IP rather than being on a DHCP IP by default. Easily changed in the network settings.

A good Tablet for the very low price. Looking for a Tablet that's even cheaper than these ones costing a little less. Check out the iRULU X1S 7" Tablet that is also very cheap to buy.

Dragon Touch Y88XB 7 Inch Tablet

Zoodles-Touch-Y88The Dragon Touch Y88XB 7 Inch Tablet comes with a case included with the price and is considered as one of the best cheap Tablets for kids. Better still, the Dragon Touch Y88XB 7 Inch Tablet comes in at a very cheap price. It also has Zoodles installed, which is basically kids interface that has access to lots of cool stuff for kids like playing games, books, learning and drawing. Zoodles is also a parental control which sensors certain content on the Internet that's not suitable for children. Alternative model available.

It also adapts and delivers content dependant on your kids age. There are two types of Zoodles, one free version and a paid subscription. The free version is perfectly fine and does have a decent amount of content that will keep kids occupied for hours on end. The Dragon Touch Y88XB 7 Inch Tablet has a Quad Core Processor, which consists of 4 x 1.3 GHz Cores, making it a fairly fast Tablet to load. It comes with an 8GB internal hard drive (storage space), 512MB RAM, dual cameras, Google Play, and has the Android 4.4 Kit Kat operating system pre-installed.

All in all, this is a great Tablet for the money, and it's not just for Kids! Adults can also use this Tablet just as easy as they would use any other Tablet. The kids software can be deleted if you are an adult and want to use it as your main Tablet. The free case that comes with the Tablet is very tough and durable. This Tablet is available in colours blue, green, red and pink. Reviews are mostly excellent and this Tablet will make a really good purchase for people new to using a Tablet and need something that's going to be really easy to use.

The Best Of The Rest

Now as you are probably aware, finding a list of good quality Tablets for a low price, and that also have excellent reviews, is not an easy task. At Computer Tablets UK we only like to suggest Tablets to our visitors that we would buy ourselves. The very few that we would buy with confidence are already talked about above. The Amazon Fire and Fusion5 really are the two best Tablets within this low price range.

TONBUX 10.1" Android Tablet

TONBUX 10 Inch Android TabletMixed reviews but an impressive specification and a heavily positive review score overall makes the TONBUX 10 Inch Android Tablet a decent option. This model has now been discontinued. See an alternative for the same price (sold out). It features the Android operating system and the Allwinner Quad-Core A31S processor, which consists of 4 x 1.5GHz Cores. It also has a respectable 1GB RAM, and an 8GB internal hard drive.

Please Note: All of these Tablets won't actually have 8GB of free storage space, as a big chunk (Easily a few GB) will be used up by the operating system (Android) and other files. This is easily upgraded via Micro SD card (Max 32GB). The TONBUX 10 Inch Tablet also has Micro-SD card slot, Micro-USB, dual cameras, Bluetooth, internal microphone, a 3.5mm Headphone jack, and a Mini HDMI slot. You can also use a 3G dongle with this Tablet.

 Like the rest of the cheap Tablets it has terrible camera quality, low volume, and pretty bad sound clarity too. Again, with the Tablets from China its luck of the draw whether you get a good Tablet or not. But in defence of the TONBUX, and going on the reviews, it does appear that you have a much better chance of buying a good TONBUX Tablet rather than a bad one. By some reports customer service isn't very good and a few people who wanted to return their Tablet were asked to send it back to China! Very inconvenient.

PolaTab 10 Inch Octa Core Android Tablet

PolaTab 10 Inch Octa CoreThe specifications are impressive. A ten inch Tablet rather than a seven or nine-inch, and the PolaTab has a A33 Quadcore + Octa core GPU Processor, and 1GB of RAM (Now updated with newer model). It also has 8GB (Now 16GB) of internal storage which is upgradable by adding an external Micro SD memory card. With the PolaTab you can add an additional 40GB of storage.

It's an Android Tablet which has Kit Kat installed so is open to the downloading of anything, including Apps the from Google Play store (Google account required). By most accounts it's a fast and fairly stable Tablet for the price. The WiFi speed is decent and the video playback is good.

It also has two charging ports, one for the household mains and a USB cable which can also be used to charge the Tablet via another device (desktop computer). They are both included. A USB cable that comes with the PolaTab 10 inch Tablet has a mini USB on one end and a normal sized USB connector on the other making it nice and easy to connect another device to the Tablet that uses a normal sized USB. Dual cameras (front and back), 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth, and even a HDMI port are featured on this Tablet. The PolaTab 10 Inch Octa Core Android Tablet also comes with a 1 year UK warranty. Sounds like a great deal! It is good for the price. So what's the catch?

There are various problems to report. The sound quality is not that great, and there have been issues with the battery aging / wearing out prematurely and not holding a charge for very long. The charging problems go further with other faults regarding the charging port and the charger itself breaking very easily. Freezing, turning itself off, bad WiFi signal, and a not so smooth returns process are other complaints that frequent the reviews of this Tablet. With the PolaTab 10 Inch Tablet it's basically luck of the draw as to whether you get a good product or one that's plagued with problems.

They are made in China using cheap internal components and not very durable outer materials, so they are not really built to last. There are better PolaTab Tablets out there, like the Q10.3 model, that have much better reviews. But they cost more than fifty pounds. The Fusion5 and Amazon Fire 7" are much better choices within this price range.

We hope you managed to find something suitable from the list that provides you with a good user experience and great value for money.

The New Microsoft Surface Book

What is happening in the world of computing..It seems as if many of the high-end brands that pave the way with new technology are building something that has already existed for decades. Do you know what it is. A Laptop. Can a Laptop ever be replaced by a Tablet? With how much money is being thrown into new forms of glorified Laptop / Tablet hybrids it seems not. Too much beating around the bush.

It reminds me of when computers first came out and we saw all types of strange contraptions and hideous designs. This also happened with mobile phones! That's not to say that the new Surface Book is ugly, it looks great, but it seems like we're going through a similar transitional stage where all types of things are being tried. Well, not just tried and tested behind closed doors, but actually sold to the public.
So what does the new Surface Book have. Well, it's super thin and has a touch screen. Yeah, like a Tablet!. The screen is 13.5 inches in diameter and is a massive 6 million pixels! It has a "Clipboard" feature which is basically the screen detached from the keyboard, complete with stylus pen to make writing and graphic related tasks more personal and creative.

The new Surface Book splits totally in half. The new Surface Book can also fold up on itself (Fulcrum Hinge), so it's basically a Tablet and Laptop combined. It comes complete with Windows 10 Pro, Core i7 Processor, USB 3.0, Glass Trackpad (glorified mouse), 12 hours battery life, and has the capacity of being able to have 16GB RAM and 1TB of data storage space. See the video above to be swept off your feet!

So now we have both a Tablet and a Laptop in one unit. It's not really anything new. Fair enough it looks great and is super powerful, but when are we going to see something really revolutionary.. Can Tablets take the place of Laptops? As the owner of a Tablet website you would expect me to say yes, but the answer is no. Laptops will be made better, or with more power and a few quirks, like you are basically seeing here with the new Surface Book, but never eradicated. Not for the next few decades anyway.

Amazon Fire 7 Inch Tablet Sold Out

black fire sold outIn a previous post I asked, will the new Amazon Fire 7 Inch Tablet sell out before Christmas? Because of its price, and with all the hype surrounding this particular Tablet from Amazon's new range, it has beaten any expectations and sold out within a few weeks!. It is the best seller in the electronics category on the Amazon Marketplace.

Not to worry though, it won't be sold out for long as there are more on the way. The new Amazon Fire 7 Inch Tablet (read about it here) will be back in stock on the 25th October 2015. It's now available to pre-order yet again. How long will it be before it is sold out again. It should be noted that the other Tablets from the new Amazon range are still in stock and available to buy.

Now that a bit of time has elapsed and people have had the chance to buy and use the Fire 7" how do the reviews stack up for this model. As with most Tablets, the reviews are quite mixed. You can't please everyone. This Tablet has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most people are amazed at the build quality and ease of use for such a low price. And some customers are disappointed that everything has been kept "In house", so Google Play can't be installed. You are forced to use Amazon's products.

However, the worst complaint is that some customers are saying they bought the item, tried to turn it on, but it just would not work. Also, there are a few problems with updates. Apparently there are a few known issues with some of the Tablets and Amazon's technical team of engineers are on the case trying to get it sorted out. Anyone who has received a faulty Fire 7" will be able to get it replaced for one that does actually work once the new stock becomes available on the 25th October.

Various other little niggles have been reported like battery life and WiFi seems a little slow, but a bigger let down for some seems to be the quality of the dual cameras. They are not very good at all. But given the price point most people can accept that and are generally happy with the Fire 7". And it should be noted that most of the customers who are leaving review scores on Amazon for this Tablet are rating it a full five stars.

But, if your confidence has gone down after reading this and you want to buy another brand of Tablet altogether there are other options. Two excellent alternatives are the Fusion5 and NeoCore B1 Tablets which are around the same price as the Fire 7". Got a bit more money to spend, check out the Lenovo A8-50 8 Inch Tablet, which costs a bit more but is a great Tablet for the money.

Amazon Fire 7" Tablet Sales Update

Fire 7 UK
The Tablet market is on fire right now with the release of the new Fire range almost upon us. Pre-Order sales have sky rocketed for all Tablets in the new Amazon Fire range. But it's the Seven Inch Fire Tablet that is so far the most popular of all. It's not even officially for sale yet (Release date for sale is 30th September 2015) but already, due to the sheer amount of pre-orders, it is the number 1 best-selling Tablet on Amazon (Number 1 best seller in the Electronics category on Amazon).

Wow. How crazy is that. Will they sell out? Who knows. However, to avoid disappointment, If you are considering buying one get in there quick just in case they are all gone within a few weeks. I'm not sure how Amazon can afford to offer this special 6 Tablets for the price of 5 deal because I do know that initially the profit margins Amazon are making on the new Fire Tablet range are slim pickings.

But they are expecting to increase profits tenfold in the long run from user upgrades and sales like Amazon Prime, the Amazon site itself, and for Cloud storage for any data that's not come from the Fire Tablets (Cloud space for Fire data is free). It's basically a long-term investment plan. But regardless of that, if you plan on buying 5 Tablets you will get an extra one free. You and a group of friends could chip in and get one free, or you could buy them as a family deal. Or for Christmas presents! Just use the promotion coupon code: FIRE6PACK at the checkout and the deal will be applied.

Here is a quick list of all the new Fire Tablets that are being released on 30th September. The Fire 7", Fire Children's Edition, Fire HD 8" and the Fire HD 10".

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has not long been released. This could be bad timing for Samsung with there being so much publicity and Internet talk about the new Fire Tablets being excellent devices for a much cheaper price. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is slightly flawed but is the better overall quality product. And so it should be, costing over double the price of the biggest and most powerful, New Fire HD 10.

But many people may opt for the cheaper option, which is of course one from the new Fire Tablet range over the more expensive but in many ways brilliant super slim Galaxy Tab S2. No doubt with release dates being so close together it will have an effect on sales volumes. And the feeling is that it most probably won't be in favour of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T810N 9.7 Inch

Samsung-Galaxy-Tablet-S2-SM-T810N-32GB-3GB-RAM-UKRight now, with it not long being released, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T810N 32GB is one of the most expensive Tablets to buy in the UK. And probably in most other countries too. It does have a lot of hype surrounding it and a lot of technology packed into its thin frame. So is it worth the considerably high price tag? Well, like all high-end Tablets, it has some great points and features and some that are not so good. First off, there are two S2 Tablets that are very similar. You have the 9.7 Inch, which is talked about here. And then you have a smaller version which is an 8 Inch.

Both are almost the same in every department, although a few slight differences are present. Of course the screen size is different, but also the battery capacity. The 9.7 Inch S2 comes with a battery that has a higher capacity. Higher by just under 2000mAh (1870mAH). The Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T810N looks really nice, although it does kind of remind me of a super stretched version of a Samsung Android Smartphone a little too much. But in saying that, so do most iPads when comparing them to iPhones.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T810N 9.7" Quick Specification:

  • Exynos 7 Octa-Core Processor
  • Android 5.1 (Lollipop) Operating system
  • 3GB RAM
  • 32GB built-in storage (Upgradable via SD Card)
  • 8MP rear camera + 2.1MP front (No flash)
  • Fingerprint ID feature
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Bluetooth 4.1 BLE
  • Super AMOLED screen (2048 x 1536 Pixels)
  • 5,870 mAh battery capacity
  • Very thin (5.6 millimetres)
  • Lightweight (under 400grams)

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T810N 9.7 Inch 32GB is an excellent quality product that has a super fast loading time and is very easy to use. So it should be for the price. It looks as pretty as a picture. The screen is super clear, great for most things media related. Although, the screen ratio for this model was made to a 4:3 aspect ratio which is so far a bit of a disappointment for some people. However, the jury's not completely out because customer reviews in the UK are thin on the ground at the moment with the S2 SM-T810N 9.7" not having been out that long. Most people probably won't even notice the difference from the Widescreen that was used in the previous model.

There are a few other niggles, actually major drawbacks with this model. First off is how long it takes to charge up. There is no quick charge option which has been available on some of the previous model Samsung Tablets. So basically it will take a very long time (several hours) to charge this Tablet. So if you need your Tablet when travelling and you forgot to charge it the night before you could find yourself having to use your Smartphone instead. Also the battery life itself is pretty poor when compared to other Tablets costing around the same price, so the need for quick charging is even more important for this model, but sadly it's not there.

If your someone who regularly needs to take an SD Card out of your Tablet in order to put it into another device you may get rather peed off with the Galaxy Tab S2. An SD card ejector tool is needed for the Galaxy Tab S2 SM-T810N. If your out and about a lot with your Tablet and need to remove the SD Card this will be a pain to make sure you have your SD Card ejector with you all the time.


Overall, it's a good product if you can live with the niggles. But perhaps you should consider the Nexus 9, Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet (Buy product cover but a Superb Tablet), or holding out for the huge 12.9 Inch iPad Pro to see if that suits your needs better. There's always a supposedly better one on the way.. Where does it end eh! Want even more information on the S2..Still hungry? Check out the S2 Review over at Pocket-Lint.

Cheap Tablet PC For Kids

kids tablet greenThis JYJ 7 Inch tablet PC is  very cheap to buy. It can do all the basics like email, Internet (it has WiFi), listen to music, watch video clips etc. The JYJ 7 Inch Dual Core Tablet has Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean installed so is capable of downloading Apps, such as the Kindle app for reading books, or thousands of others like games, Facebook, catch up TV, puzzles etc.

However, yes this is one of the cheapest Tablets and it is a low-budget option if you're not going to use it much and don't want to spend much money on one for yourself. Or you are buying it for a kid and don't want to spend much because you know it has the potential of not lasting very long! Kids eh. I know, tell me about it. This is an acceptable Tablet for those situations (While it lasts). But truth be told, whether this Tablet is used by a kid or an adult don't expect it to last very long.

Are Cheap Tablets Worth The Bother

Some cheap Tablets are excellent. But in all honesty this is nowhere near the best Tablet in terms of overall quality and performance for the price. It's cheap yes, but there is a reason for that. This Tablet is not really built to last..Should we really expect it to be for such a low price. It's basically cheap tat from China that's been imported into the UK. Yes its very cheap, but don't be tempted. Potential problems and annoyance awaits you..

Are you aware that for a small amount of extra money you can buy a Tablet in the UK that has a much better build quality and performance and is far better than this one. Or, almost any Tablet within this price range that's been imported from China and offers no warranty. Who wants to use a Tablet that keeps freezing, has terrible touch screen sensitivity, buttons flying off or not working anymore, and a laughable battery life. Kid or Adult.

If you want to do the basics on a Tablet don't you want to do them in peace without getting so annoyed with the Tablet that you throw it at the wall or bite it because it won't respond. No one deserves that. Not the unresponsive Tablet treatment. Anything but that. I believe they now use the unresponsive Tablet as a method of torture in some parts of the world. There's an idea! Seriously though, whatever you are trying to do on your Tablet, you want to perform your tasks smooth, easy, and trouble-free.

Spend that little bit more money and get one that is far more reliable, and comes with a warranty. Check out the Fusion5 Tablets come with a 1 year warranty and even better, the New Fire 7 Inch Tablet by Amazon that's being released in a few days.

The difference in quality, when you take into consideration that there is only a twenty pound difference in price between the Fire 7" and the JYJ 7" would probably see you hospitalised and receiving treatment for shock. Actually that's a bit extreme. But no doubt about it, you would definitely be surprised. In fact, all three cheaply priced Tablets mentioned here (New Fire 7", Fusion5 and NeoCore) offer a world of difference when it comes to reliability, build quality, value for money and a smooth, pleasant user experience. That's what we need in our lives. We've got enough  to deal with without having to spend our spare time enraged, biting holes in Tablet screens.

Lenovo A8-50 8-inch IPS Tablet Review

Lenovo-A8-50-8-inch-IPS-TabletIt's quite surprising that the Lenovo A8 Tablet has excellent customer reviews. If you take a look at the Lenovo A8 A806 4G Smart Phone you will see that the reviews are nowhere near as positive as they are for the Lenovo A8-50 8-inch Tablet. The same goes with a lot of the IBM Lenovo laptops. I have personally owned a few over the years.

They are middle to bottom of the road when it comes to reliability. Every one I have owned developed a fault and broke down within 6 months to a year. But it looks like Lenovo have pulled off a miracle and actually made a product that has excellent customer reviews and not too many reported faults, so I take my hat off to them for that.

Since writing this review post Lenovo have really made a mark on the Tablet scene. They have some excellent, low priced devices out there that really are impressive. Such as the Lenovo Tab4. So credit where its due, I take back some of what I said above.

Lenovo A8-50 Features

When this post was written, most Tablets are either 7, 9, or 10 Inch. This being an 8 Inch Tablet makes it quite unique. There are a few colours to choose from including red, yellow, blue, white and midnight blue. By most accounts this Tablet is great in every department. But the one thing that stands out more than most is the build quality. Customers are very impressed with the overall quality of the Lenovo A8-50. There are two models available. One is the WiFi version and the other is the 3G version. Of course the 3G enabled model is more expensive but means you can put your 3G micro sim card into the Tablet and use all your phone contract features like Internet etc on the Tablet. You can even text.

Unfortunately this option (To add a sim card) was taken out of the newer Lenovo A8 models to make way for the GPS facility. However, you could use your mobile phone to connect, or use a MIFI dongle. If you can find one for sale (Still widely available), the earlier A8 models do have the sim slot. Most people buy the cheaper priced WiFi model A8 as that is all most people require if they are using the Tablet at home most the time. The WiFi will of course pick up hotspots if your out and about and within range.

The Lenovo A8 has Dolby Digital Plus speakers built-in, so the device is capable of really good sound quality. However, be aware that the WiFi model only has one of these speakers whereas the 3G model has two. The screen on the Lenovo A8 is IPS, which is the same as what the new Fire 7" Tablet by Amazon is using. So the screen quality is excellent with almost any application.

It comes installed with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and has most of the features that Tablets within this price range are equipped with, like dual cameras, Quad Core Processor which is broken down into 4x 1.3GHz Cores, 1GB RAM, 16GB eMMC internal storage (Upgradable to 32GB), Bluetooth and a Micro SD card slot. The newer models of Lenovo A8 Tablets also have GPS, which is Satellite controlled ,so even works when your offline. The A8 also works with wireless printers. Lenovo state that the battery life can last as long as eleven hours with mixed usage and has a twenty day stand by time. But this does seem a bit exaggerated.

Battery Reality

Expect a 3 - 5 hour battery time with mixed usage and a ten-day standby time and you won't end up disappointed. It also comes with games, utilities (Office software for documents, Excel, PDF, Word), and Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Google Play etc. Java is also installed on the Lenovo A8. Overall a great Tablet that has many happy customers and great reviews.

The New Fire IPS 7 Inch Tablet

Amazon shakes up the Tablet world by bringing out their new, and much improved new Fire 7 Inch Tablet. And its cheap to buy. It is now available to pre-order. The new Fire 7" Tablet will officially be launched for sale on 30th September 2015. Sales are expected to be rapid in the run up to Xmas. They may just be sold out long before Christmas even gets here.

Have you tried to buy a normal Kindle Fire HD lately..They are mostly sold out on Amazon. That is set to change as this is not the only new Fire Tablet that's being launched on the same date. There is a whole new range hitting the shelves.

It starts with the Fire 7 inch but goes up in price along with size and computing power. With the biggest and most advanced Tablet being the 10.1" HD Fire 16GB (Also available to pre-order). There's even a Fire Tablet that's been brought out specifically for kids which has an excellent offer that comes included for free: If your kid breaks it they will replace it free of charge (no quibble 2 year guarantee).

So whats different about this Fire 7" Tablet and how does it compare to other Tablets that are within the same price range. Well, the two Tablet brands that are considered as two of the best within this price bracket by customers are the Fusion5 and NeoCore Tablets. And while they really are great Tablets for the price, the new Fire from Amazon is on a different level. First off the IPS display screen is super sharp and super high quality. Only the more expensive Tablets can compete with that type of screen quality. The battery life also far surpasses any of the cheaper Tablets with a seven hour time span with mixed usage.

Tests have been done. One was a test against a more expensive Samsung Tablet to see which Tablet could display the same video clip in better quality, and apparently the Fire won hands down.


Another test where it was compared to an Apple iPad 2 in terms of toughness seen both devices spun around in a testing machine to see which one could handle the most abuse. The new Fire 7" was still OK after being thrown around in the machine two hundred times, while the Apple iPad 2 was smashed up (Display smashed to bits) after just twenty times around. And just remember the price.

This Tablet is being put against other Tablets that cost much more money to buy and its coming out on top. That says a lot right there. The new Fire 7 Inch Tablet also has everything else most cheap Tablets have like dual cameras, Quad Core Processor (4x 1.3GHz), WiFi, 8GB built-in storage, Micro SD Card (up to 128GB), and more Apps than before. Of course, the Kindle reading App, playing games, watching movies, all will be excellent quality with this device due to its super sharp display.

Free Stuff

You also get some impressive freebies and access to the new Amazon Underground App store when you buy the Fire 7". A lot of Apps in the new store are free. And Prime subscribers can watch and listen to anything, videos, books, music etc. You also get free unlimited Cloud storage for any Amazon data including pictures that you take with the Fire device.


The one thing to consider when comparing the 7" Fire to the other cheap Tablets, is that the other cheap Tablets are 9 and 10 Inch for around the same price. This Fire is only 7 Inch device. However, all things considered, the toughness, extended battery life, excellent screen, freebies, and all round quality of the product, its only a tiny plus for the other Tablets being that little bit bigger in size. The Fire still wins hands down. It's an absolute bargain for the price.

Amazon have really pushed the limits with their new range of Tablets, offering more value for money than ever before. However, I do think that for the price, it's the Fire 7" Tablet that steals the show. This Tablet has just become a serious competitor in the market place for all the companies that currently manufacture budget Tablets.  It's raised the bar considerably, which is really good news for consumers.

Best Cheap Tablet From China In UK

low price budget computerThe UK tablet market is flooded with cheap, no name Tablet PC’s that are mostly imported from China. Of course, they are very cheap to buy in all screen sizes, from 7 Inch up to 10 Inch. They do have many, if not all of the features that many of the high-end tablets have like Touchscreen, Apps, WiFi etc.

 The high-end brands are far more expensive. But there is a reason for this. The saying, “You get what you pay for” certainly applies for buying cheap tablets that are imported from China. They are basically riddled with cheap parts and a whole host of annoying problems.

To save money some people buy the cheaper tablets because they are for a child. Either for a birthday or Christmas present, but both the child and the adult are usually left extremely disappointed. Because even a child, as easily pleased as most are with a nice new shiny electronic device (A Tablet!), still doesn’t want a product that has a hard time performing even the most simple tasks. Because items like that are plain annoying to use.

So, regardless of who or what age you are, who wants a product that suffers from the extremely slow loading of Apps, WiFi disconnects and sound problems. But with cheap tablets it gets worse. There are lots of complaints about them just working once, or for a few days then just never working again. Won’t turn on, nothing. Charging problems, terrible battery life, constant freezing, need I go on. I think you get the point. But surely there must be a cheap tablet out there that is decent? Right. Well, yes there is.

Best Cheap Tablet PC: Fusion5

The best cheap tablet PCs that we came across were the FUSION5 Tablet PCs. The best way to see what is the best cheap tablet is just go and read the customer reviews. People who actually bought the product in question (Verified Purchasers) are the absolute best opinions to trust. They are the ones of the front line so to speak. The buyers who are actually using the item on a daily basis. So what did we find. We found that FUSION5 Tablets consistently received the highest rated reviews and the most praise out of all the cheap tablets that we researched. And the good news is they are located in the UK and offer a UK warranty, usually 1 year. So if anything does happen to go wrong with the tablet you have a UK point of call. Just send it back to them and they will either fix it or send you a new one.

But there’s more good news, for what you would pay for a cheap tablet from China you can actually buy a FUSION5 for exactly the same price. In fact sometimes cheaper. A FUSION5 10 Inch QUAD-CORE TABLET (Now Back in stock+ Upgraded) (Touch Screen) with ANDROID 4.4.2 KITKAT (Now Lollipop) – 1GB RAM – Two Cameras, IPS screen, GPS and a 32GB hard drive is a great deal at the link above. FUSION5 Tablets are fast, reliable and stable. Try the ANDROID 4.4 KITKAT – 10.1″ FUSION5 XTRA POWER4 TABLET with a QUAD-CORE CPU, which is a great bargain at its current selling price.

They also have good WiFi connectivity and an impressive battery life. The only niggles on most models are the cameras are not very good, and the speaker quality isn’t all that great. But for the price they are very hard to beat. Much better quality overall than most of the other tablets that are imported from China. Buy a FUSION5 and chances are you will be impressed. Another excellent Tablet brand to consider that's also cheap to buy, stable, and packed with cool features are the NeoCore Tablets.

NeoCore B1 10 Inch WiFi Tablet UK

B1 tab early generationAt the moment the NeoCore brand of Tablets are some of the best in the UK in terms of stability, quality, and value for money. There are a few different models of NeoCore Tablet available. Most notable are the NeoCore N1 and the NeoCore C1. The B1 is the cheapest out of the three models. But just because it's the cheapest doesn't mean it's not packed with excellent features that are not too different to what the N1 and C1 have.

B1 Features + Specification

The NeoCore B1 10.1 Inch Touch Screen Tablet has a Quad Core processor which is made up of 4x1.3GHz Cores. It also has 512mb RAM. So for the price this is a fast Tablet that is capable of running multiple programs with minimal effort. It has the Android 4.4 operating system (KitKat), and has an internal 8GB of storage built-in. This is upgradable via SD Card up to 64GB.

It's fast and responsive. And by most accounts the screen resolution and graphic capabilities are good for the price. Couple that with it being a ten inch Tablet rather than a 7" or 9" and you have a Tablet capable of offering a great user experience when it comes to things like watching films, reading books, and playing games. The NeoCore B1 also has many of the usual, and useful features found on the more expensive Tablets like Dual Cameras (2MP), WiFi, Bluetooth, Google Play, SD Card compatible, internal microphone, Micro USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a pretty decent battery life.

Of course, you can also do all the usual stuff like browse the Internet, check mail, YouTube, watch catch up TV, install new software, including the kindle app, and any other app, out of the many thousand available, that you may want installed. Thanks to there now being an app for almost everything for Android you can basically do anything on the NeoCore B1 Tablet.

The NeoCore B1 Tablet is slim and light in weight. It's around a 3rd of an Inch in thickness and half a KG (499 Grams) in weight. But one of the most impressive things included within the low price of this Tablet is the 2 year Warranty that NeoCore offer with this item. This is an excellent deal. Two years is a long time, and within that time frame if something goes wrong with your Tablet you can send it back to NeoCore and either get it repaired or replaced.


A lot of companies in the UK selling budget Tablets (usually shipped from China) are offering a 1 year warranty, so for NeoCore to offer double that speaks volumes. They have a lot of confidence in their products. Enough to stand behind them and offer a very long warranty.

The B1 Tablet is impressive for the price, but add the warranty into the mix and you have one of the best Tablet deals in terms of value for the money and product security currently available online. Buy one while they are still in stock. As mentioned above, for a little more money you can buy the slightly better NeoCore N1 and NeoCore C1 Tablets, which basically have everything (including the same warranty length) that the B1 has but with some nice upgrades like 1GB RAM, HDMI, Octa Core GPU, GPS, and a Built-in radio. Want the latest addition to the Neocore range? Check out the newer E1.

Apple iPad AIR Retina Tablet Review

Apple-IPad-AIR-16GB-10-Inch-Retina-TabletComputer Tablets don’t come much better than an Apple iPad Air. The quality and feel of this product is second to none. This is not the latest Apple iPad to hit the shelves but it does remain one of the most popular. The Apple iPad Air 2 is available to buy but is sightly more expensive. For the higher price tag attached to the iPad Air 2 you get an iPad that weighs less, and is smaller than the previous model. It also has a longer battery life, a faster processor (A8X), better rear camera, and a few other little upgrades. But unless you’re an Apple nut do you really need to shell out the extra cash.

I mean, how fast does your tablet really need to be. The Apple iPad Air is a seriously fast Tablet already and any upgrade is basically going the extra mile and wanting the absolute latest and greatest iPad out there. Is it needed? Probably not. Got money to spend and want the best Tablet on the market – Go for it. Both are well worth the money. If you want a good Tablet but only want to spend a low amount of money, check out the Fusion 5 Tablets. They are one of the best of the bunch when it comes to the cheap Tablets.

Back to the Original iPad Air Tablet. The cheapest Price for the 16GB version is, at this time, found on Amazon UK. And it’s a real bargain. Customer reviews are superb. If your reading this post I’m sure you are well aware of what the iPad Air is capable of so I doubt I need to explain every feature in great detail. Here is a quick low down of some of the features in case you haven’t already done your homework.

Features + Specification

The Apple iPad Air is an extremely easy to use Tablet device. It’s got a very fast processor chip, we're talking A7 technology here! One of the best there is. It’s called “Air” because it’s so light in weight. The “Retina” in the name is due to the screen resolution and graphics being extra sharp and colourful. Beautiful to look at. So what can you do with an iPad Air?

Well, just about anything. Internet, watch television, movies, take pictures, record video, read books, listen to music, play games, and also edit and create documents with Microsoft Office as it comes with the package included. So you get Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc with the iPad. You also get a boat load of other software included for free with the iPad. Not to mention Apps galore from the apple web store. I think the question is what can’t you do with it. Not much.

Apple Limitations

In saying that, there are a few limitations that you should be made aware of. Like not being able to upgrade the storage capacity. So if you buy the 16GB version that is what you have got unless you upgrade the whole iPad to one with a bigger storage capacity (hard drive). You may be able to get it upgraded by Apple but the price of this would be high. 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB iPad Air Tablets are available.

Internal Storage Space

Depending on what you plan to do with your iPad will determine which you size should buy. If you want it to store big files on like lots of music, pictures and documents then maybe the 64GB or 128GB would be more appropriate. But if you want to use your iPad Air to do all the general tasks, other than use it to store lots of files, then 16GB model should be plenty for most people.

Other limitations include no SD card slot. Although a lead can be bought to get past this small hindrance. Also, there is no USB slot. Everything has to be “In House” so to speak. The App store controls the roost. Printing also has its difficulties as you need to have a printer that has WiFi capabilities in order to print anything from the iPad Air. If you write a lot and plan on doing a lot of typing work on your iPad Air, an External Keyboard might be a good option for you. These are relatively cheap to buy depending on what quality level of keyboard you go for.


All in all the iPad air is not without its little faults and limitations, but in comparison to how good the iPad Air actually is, and how much it is capable of doing, they are relatively minor issues that can mostly be worked around. If you can’t live with the niggles get yourself a decent laptop instead. There are lots available that have excellent specs and customer reviews that fall within the same price range. However, for the price I think most people will choose the iPad Air. Want something smaller, or in fact, miniature. Check out the Apple iPad 4 Mini.

Fusion5 Best Cheap Tablet Deal UK

Fusion5 tab goodIf you can’t afford the latest and greatest Apple iPad Air, or you can afford it but just can’t bring yourself to shell out a considerable amount of money for a tablet, then you should check out the Fusion 5 Tablets. They are the best cheap tablets on the market. When I say cheap I really mean it. A brand new Fusion5 10 Inch Tablet with 1GB Ram and ANDROID 4.4.2 KITKAT can be bought for very cheap.

That is a great deal for the price as the Fusion5 Tablets are fast, super stable, and have great customer reviews. However, you can get a 10 Inch refurbished or used Fusion5 9 Inch Tablet for even cheaper if you have a scout around on eBay.

Refurbished products are in many ways really good value for money. They may have a few marks or some kind of minor fault. But will still be usable. And for such a low price for one of the best cheap UK Tablets (Fusion 5), you can’t really go wrong.

Read more about the Fusion 5 Tablet by doing a search on this website. Or check out the super cheap Fusion5 9 Inch Tablets currently for sale online. You can even pick up a 7 Inch refurbished Fusion5 Tablet on eBay for around half price, which are basically brand new.

Second Best Selling iPad Air Tablet

Apple iPad AirThe best-selling Apple iPad Air model is the black 16GB 10 Inch with Retina display. The second best-selling iPad Air is this one, the gray (exact colour is Space Gray) Apple iPad Air 2 64GB 10 Inch (9.7-inch). *Updated due to price drop. The iPad Air 2 is now around the same price as the first model. It’s also available in White. Although it doesn’t mention it, this one also has the super clear Retina display. In fact, this model is basically identical to the best seller.

Same super fast A7 Processor Chip (iPad 2 A8X), same functions, same software package (Including Microsoft Office and a bucket load more), everything! The only differences being the colour, and the storage memory (hard drive) is double the size at 32GB. The price difference between the two models is minimal.

Best price when this post was written is on Amazon, although you may find one slightly cheaper on eBay. Just make sure you only buy from a top rated seller or at least an established seller with excellent feedback. Both models do have a few limitations.

Actually, all iPad Air 1’s do, regardless of colour or hard drive size. See the link above to read more about those from the customer reviews. Don’t worry, the niggles are minor, the iPad Air is the best Tablet on the market by miles. These two models are more sought after than the Apple iPad Air 2.

Dragon Touch Y88X Tablet Review

Dragon Touch Y88XQuad Core Tablets are the way to go if you want maximum performance for a cheap price. This particular Dragon Tablet, the blue Dragon Touch Y88X has the Allwinner Quad Core A33 Processor, which allows for the fast loading of software and smoother video playback. The Dragon Touch Y88X also comes with Google Play already installed,which is a good feature considering that even on the Kindle Fire HD Tablets, which are over double the price of this Dragon Touch Y88X Google Play is not installed and can only be installed via sideload.

Google Play is something that a lot of users want to use so this is a nice thing to add, and a great selling point. It’s crazy that it’s not freely available for the Kindle Fire HD Tablets.

Looking for something a bit more up to date. Check out the newer Dragon V10 - Ten Inch Model (Not bad)

This Tablet is also available in Black, but to be a bit different the blue model is a nice change. It’s also available in Pink. There is another Tablet model that has been talked about in high regard on this website, and that is the Fusion5 range of Tablets. Fusion5 Tablets are most probably the best cheap tablet you can buy in the UK. The reviews speak for themselves, and they offer the best all round value for money.

However, the Dragon Touch Tablets are also impressive for how cheap they are. The best value Fuson5 Tablet is the 9 Inch QUAD-CORE Tablet with Android 4.4.2 KITKAT and 1GB RAM. It also has two cameras (Front and rear) and an 8GB hard drive. Sadly, it’s close to sold out in most places due to the high demand over recent months. It should be coming back into stock at some point. (Now back in stock).

Now Take the Dragon Touch Y88X (Pictured). OK, it is a 7 inch Tablet, not a 9″, and it only has 512mb RAM. But it does have Android 4.4 KitKat, rather than 4.2. A HD screen, two cameras, MicroSD slot (Allows up to 32GB capacity), WiFi , 8GB Nand Hard Drive, and a Quad Core (4×1.2GHz Cores) Processor. It’s also a great Tablet for kids because it has the child friendly Zoodles Interface (parental control). All this for such a budget price makes the Dragon Y88X 7 Inch Tablet a great deal. Looking for something more up-to-date from a highly recommended brand? Research the Huawei MediaPad T3 7.

Good Value Tablet

Install the Free Kindle App and you have now have a very slim Tablet with all of the functions that a normal, unrestricted Tablet has, coupled with a reading device that you can add all your books to. All in all it is a very good deal. Reviews are excellent. One of the best choices if you are looking for your first Tablet and you want one that’s cheap to buy but actually going to work well, the Dragon Touch Y88X is a great choice. This Tablet is a good introduction for adults new to the  Tablet world, but also equally a good choice if buying a Tablet for a child due to it being very user-friendly.

Kindle Fire HD 7 Or a Normal Tablet

There is so much choice in terms of different models of Tablets and Kindles to choose from. Which one do you go with. The Apple iPad Air models are considered by most to be the best tablets out there, and they do deserve that top spot. Reviews are mostly excellent. However, there is one thing (among others) about the Apple iPad Air and the Kindle Fire Tablets that is quite annoying, and that is how they keep everything “In House”. For Apple its the Apple Store, and for Amazon its the Amazon App Store.

Kindle HD 7 in hand

Freedom to download and use Apps and programs as you please is a big issue. OK, enough with the comparison between Apple iPad and Fire HD’s, they are worlds apart. And the Apple App Store is not even comparable to the Amazon App Store. The Apple App Store is much better.

This post is about whether you should buy a Kindle Fire HD 7 Or a Normal Tablet. Well, I have been told by numerous buyers of various models of Fire HD that to them it seemed like a reading device (Kindle) being highly marketed as a Tablet. When in reality it is not really a full-blown Tablet. There are limitations.

Is it really worth all the bother when there are great tablets out there for sale that do everything anyway, and you're not a slave to “In House” limitations. I mean take the Fusion5 (Android) Tablet. It’s been praised on this website a few times. It’s cheap to buy, very stable, and easy to use.

Kindle Graphics example

The Kindle Fire HD 7 with 8GB storage right now is extremely cheap. The Fusion5 9 Inch Tablet with 8GB storage costs half the price and gives you the freedom to download and install whatever you want to. Including the Kindle App for free so you can read all your favourite books anyway. Fair enough, the Fusion5 is not HD and probably not as nice to look at, but its half the price, more than capable, and feature rich.

If severe limitations isn’t enough, freezing and turning itself off have also been issues with the Kindle Fire HD. App compatibility has also been a problem for many users. Google Play is a no go area on a Fire HD and HDX unless you sideload it. This basically means installing it from somewhere else manually other than the App store. Not too difficult to perform but does have the potential to throw up a few annoying errors. So proceed with caution.

With all the various problems, massive limitations, and lack of support, it has to be said, you would expect a much better product from Amazon. Save the annoyance and go and buy a normal tablet. Save some money and buy arguably the best cheap tablet (Like a Fusion5) or go for something a bit more expensive like a Google Nexus 7.

One more shocking “Feature” with a Kindle Fire HD is Advertisements.. Are you serious. They not only want to keep everything in-house they also want to self promote their products until you you’ve just had enough and say ok, whatever your selling I’ll buy it, just go away! You can pay £10 to have Advertisements removed. How cheeky is that! So what's it to be, Buy The Kindle Fire HD 7 Or a Normal Tablet? I think a normal Tablet offers much more freedom and value for money than the Kindle.