Amazon Fire 7" Tablet Sales Update

Fire 7 UK
The Tablet market is on fire right now with the release of the new Fire range almost upon us. Pre-Order sales have sky rocketed for all Tablets in the new Amazon Fire range. But it's the Seven Inch Fire Tablet that is so far the most popular of all. It's not even officially for sale yet (Release date for sale is 30th September 2015) but already, due to the sheer amount of pre-orders, it is the number 1 best-selling Tablet on Amazon (Number 1 best seller in the Electronics category on Amazon).

Wow. How crazy is that. Will they sell out? Who knows. However, to avoid disappointment, If you are considering buying one get in there quick just in case they are all gone within a few weeks. I'm not sure how Amazon can afford to offer this special 6 Tablets for the price of 5 deal because I do know that initially the profit margins Amazon are making on the new Fire Tablet range are slim pickings.

But they are expecting to increase profits tenfold in the long run from user upgrades and sales like Amazon Prime, the Amazon site itself, and for Cloud storage for any data that's not come from the Fire Tablets (Cloud space for Fire data is free). It's basically a long-term investment plan. But regardless of that, if you plan on buying 5 Tablets you will get an extra one free. You and a group of friends could chip in and get one free, or you could buy them as a family deal. Or for Christmas presents! Just use the promotion coupon code: FIRE6PACK at the checkout and the deal will be applied.

Here is a quick list of all the new Fire Tablets that are being released on 30th September. The Fire 7", Fire Children's Edition, Fire HD 8" and the Fire HD 10".

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 has not long been released. This could be bad timing for Samsung with there being so much publicity and Internet talk about the new Fire Tablets being excellent devices for a much cheaper price. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 is slightly flawed but is the better overall quality product. And so it should be, costing over double the price of the biggest and most powerful, New Fire HD 10.

But many people may opt for the cheaper option, which is of course one from the new Fire Tablet range over the more expensive but in many ways brilliant super slim Galaxy Tab S2. No doubt with release dates being so close together it will have an effect on sales volumes. And the feeling is that it most probably won't be in favour of Samsung.

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