Best Cheap Tablet From China In UK

low price budget computerThe UK tablet market is flooded with cheap, no name Tablet PC’s that are mostly imported from China. Of course, they are very cheap to buy in all screen sizes, from 7 Inch up to 10 Inch. They do have many, if not all of the features that many of the high-end tablets have like Touchscreen, Apps, WiFi etc.

 The high-end brands are far more expensive. But there is a reason for this. The saying, “You get what you pay for” certainly applies for buying cheap tablets that are imported from China. They are basically riddled with cheap parts and a whole host of annoying problems.

To save money some people buy the cheaper tablets because they are for a child. Either for a birthday or Christmas present, but both the child and the adult are usually left extremely disappointed. Because even a child, as easily pleased as most are with a nice new shiny electronic device (A Tablet!), still doesn’t want a product that has a hard time performing even the most simple tasks. Because items like that are plain annoying to use.

So, regardless of who or what age you are, who wants a product that suffers from the extremely slow loading of Apps, WiFi disconnects and sound problems. But with cheap tablets it gets worse. There are lots of complaints about them just working once, or for a few days then just never working again. Won’t turn on, nothing. Charging problems, terrible battery life, constant freezing, need I go on. I think you get the point. But surely there must be a cheap tablet out there that is decent? Right. Well, yes there is.

Best Cheap Tablet PC: Fusion5

The best cheap tablet PCs that we came across were the FUSION5 Tablet PCs. The best way to see what is the best cheap tablet is just go and read the customer reviews. People who actually bought the product in question (Verified Purchasers) are the absolute best opinions to trust. They are the ones of the front line so to speak. The buyers who are actually using the item on a daily basis. So what did we find. We found that FUSION5 Tablets consistently received the highest rated reviews and the most praise out of all the cheap tablets that we researched. And the good news is they are located in the UK and offer a UK warranty, usually 1 year. So if anything does happen to go wrong with the tablet you have a UK point of call. Just send it back to them and they will either fix it or send you a new one.

But there’s more good news, for what you would pay for a cheap tablet from China you can actually buy a FUSION5 for exactly the same price. In fact sometimes cheaper. A FUSION5 10 Inch QUAD-CORE TABLET (Now Back in stock+ Upgraded) (Touch Screen) with ANDROID 4.4.2 KITKAT (Now Lollipop) – 1GB RAM – Two Cameras, IPS screen, GPS and a 32GB hard drive is a great deal at the link above. FUSION5 Tablets are fast, reliable and stable. Try the ANDROID 4.4 KITKAT – 10.1″ FUSION5 XTRA POWER4 TABLET with a QUAD-CORE CPU, which is a great bargain at its current selling price.

They also have good WiFi connectivity and an impressive battery life. The only niggles on most models are the cameras are not very good, and the speaker quality isn’t all that great. But for the price they are very hard to beat. Much better quality overall than most of the other tablets that are imported from China. Buy a FUSION5 and chances are you will be impressed. Another excellent Tablet brand to consider that's also cheap to buy, stable, and packed with cool features are the NeoCore Tablets.

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