Cheap Tablet PC For Kids

kids tablet greenThis JYJ 7 Inch tablet PC is  very cheap to buy. It can do all the basics like email, Internet (it has WiFi), listen to music, watch video clips etc. The JYJ 7 Inch Dual Core Tablet has Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean installed so is capable of downloading Apps, such as the Kindle app for reading books, or thousands of others like games, Facebook, catch up TV, puzzles etc.

However, yes this is one of the cheapest Tablets and it is a low-budget option if you're not going to use it much and don't want to spend much money on one for yourself. Or you are buying it for a kid and don't want to spend much because you know it has the potential of not lasting very long! Kids eh. I know, tell me about it. This is an acceptable Tablet for those situations (While it lasts). But truth be told, whether this Tablet is used by a kid or an adult don't expect it to last very long.

Are Cheap Tablets Worth The Bother

Some cheap Tablets are excellent. But in all honesty this is nowhere near the best Tablet in terms of overall quality and performance for the price. It's cheap yes, but there is a reason for that. This Tablet is not really built to last..Should we really expect it to be for such a low price. It's basically cheap tat from China that's been imported into the UK. Yes its very cheap, but don't be tempted. Potential problems and annoyance awaits you..

Are you aware that for a small amount of extra money you can buy a Tablet in the UK that has a much better build quality and performance and is far better than this one. Or, almost any Tablet within this price range that's been imported from China and offers no warranty. Who wants to use a Tablet that keeps freezing, has terrible touch screen sensitivity, buttons flying off or not working anymore, and a laughable battery life. Kid or Adult.

If you want to do the basics on a Tablet don't you want to do them in peace without getting so annoyed with the Tablet that you throw it at the wall or bite it because it won't respond. No one deserves that. Not the unresponsive Tablet treatment. Anything but that. I believe they now use the unresponsive Tablet as a method of torture in some parts of the world. There's an idea! Seriously though, whatever you are trying to do on your Tablet, you want to perform your tasks smooth, easy, and trouble-free.

Spend that little bit more money and get one that is far more reliable, and comes with a warranty. Check out the Fusion5 Tablets come with a 1 year warranty and even better, the New Fire 7 Inch Tablet by Amazon that's being released in a few days.

The difference in quality, when you take into consideration that there is only a twenty pound difference in price between the Fire 7" and the JYJ 7" would probably see you hospitalised and receiving treatment for shock. Actually that's a bit extreme. But no doubt about it, you would definitely be surprised. In fact, all three cheaply priced Tablets mentioned here (New Fire 7", Fusion5 and NeoCore) offer a world of difference when it comes to reliability, build quality, value for money and a smooth, pleasant user experience. That's what we need in our lives. We've got enough  to deal with without having to spend our spare time enraged, biting holes in Tablet screens.

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