Dragon Touch Y88X Tablet Review

Dragon Touch Y88XQuad Core Tablets are the way to go if you want maximum performance for a cheap price. This particular Dragon Tablet, the blue Dragon Touch Y88X has the Allwinner Quad Core A33 Processor, which allows for the fast loading of software and smoother video playback. The Dragon Touch Y88X also comes with Google Play already installed,which is a good feature considering that even on the Kindle Fire HD Tablets, which are over double the price of this Dragon Touch Y88X Google Play is not installed and can only be installed via sideload.

Google Play is something that a lot of users want to use so this is a nice thing to add, and a great selling point. It’s crazy that it’s not freely available for the Kindle Fire HD Tablets.

Looking for something a bit more up to date. Check out the newer Dragon V10 - Ten Inch Model (Not bad)

This Tablet is also available in Black, but to be a bit different the blue model is a nice change. It’s also available in Pink. There is another Tablet model that has been talked about in high regard on this website, and that is the Fusion5 range of Tablets. Fusion5 Tablets are most probably the best cheap tablet you can buy in the UK. The reviews speak for themselves, and they offer the best all round value for money.

However, the Dragon Touch Tablets are also impressive for how cheap they are. The best value Fuson5 Tablet is the 9 Inch QUAD-CORE Tablet with Android 4.4.2 KITKAT and 1GB RAM. It also has two cameras (Front and rear) and an 8GB hard drive. Sadly, it’s close to sold out in most places due to the high demand over recent months. It should be coming back into stock at some point. (Now back in stock).

Now Take the Dragon Touch Y88X (Pictured). OK, it is a 7 inch Tablet, not a 9″, and it only has 512mb RAM. But it does have Android 4.4 KitKat, rather than 4.2. A HD screen, two cameras, MicroSD slot (Allows up to 32GB capacity), WiFi , 8GB Nand Hard Drive, and a Quad Core (4×1.2GHz Cores) Processor. It’s also a great Tablet for kids because it has the child friendly Zoodles Interface (parental control). All this for such a budget price makes the Dragon Y88X 7 Inch Tablet a great deal. Looking for something more up-to-date from a highly recommended brand? Research the Huawei MediaPad T3 7.

Good Value Tablet

Install the Free Kindle App and you have now have a very slim Tablet with all of the functions that a normal, unrestricted Tablet has, coupled with a reading device that you can add all your books to. All in all it is a very good deal. Reviews are excellent. One of the best choices if you are looking for your first Tablet and you want one that’s cheap to buy but actually going to work well, the Dragon Touch Y88X is a great choice. This Tablet is a good introduction for adults new to the  Tablet world, but also equally a good choice if buying a Tablet for a child due to it being very user-friendly.

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