Kindle Fire HD 7 Or a Normal Tablet

There is so much choice in terms of different models of Tablets and Kindles to choose from. Which one do you go with. The Apple iPad Air models are considered by most to be the best tablets out there, and they do deserve that top spot. Reviews are mostly excellent. However, there is one thing (among others) about the Apple iPad Air and the Kindle Fire Tablets that is quite annoying, and that is how they keep everything “In House”. For Apple its the Apple Store, and for Amazon its the Amazon App Store.

Kindle HD 7 in hand

Freedom to download and use Apps and programs as you please is a big issue. OK, enough with the comparison between Apple iPad and Fire HD’s, they are worlds apart. And the Apple App Store is not even comparable to the Amazon App Store. The Apple App Store is much better.

This post is about whether you should buy a Kindle Fire HD 7 Or a Normal Tablet. Well, I have been told by numerous buyers of various models of Fire HD that to them it seemed like a reading device (Kindle) being highly marketed as a Tablet. When in reality it is not really a full-blown Tablet. There are limitations.

Is it really worth all the bother when there are great tablets out there for sale that do everything anyway, and you're not a slave to “In House” limitations. I mean take the Fusion5 (Android) Tablet. It’s been praised on this website a few times. It’s cheap to buy, very stable, and easy to use.

Kindle Graphics example

The Kindle Fire HD 7 with 8GB storage right now is extremely cheap. The Fusion5 9 Inch Tablet with 8GB storage costs half the price and gives you the freedom to download and install whatever you want to. Including the Kindle App for free so you can read all your favourite books anyway. Fair enough, the Fusion5 is not HD and probably not as nice to look at, but its half the price, more than capable, and feature rich.

If severe limitations isn’t enough, freezing and turning itself off have also been issues with the Kindle Fire HD. App compatibility has also been a problem for many users. Google Play is a no go area on a Fire HD and HDX unless you sideload it. This basically means installing it from somewhere else manually other than the App store. Not too difficult to perform but does have the potential to throw up a few annoying errors. So proceed with caution.

With all the various problems, massive limitations, and lack of support, it has to be said, you would expect a much better product from Amazon. Save the annoyance and go and buy a normal tablet. Save some money and buy arguably the best cheap tablet (Like a Fusion5) or go for something a bit more expensive like a Google Nexus 7.

One more shocking “Feature” with a Kindle Fire HD is Advertisements.. Are you serious. They not only want to keep everything in-house they also want to self promote their products until you you’ve just had enough and say ok, whatever your selling I’ll buy it, just go away! You can pay £10 to have Advertisements removed. How cheeky is that! So what's it to be, Buy The Kindle Fire HD 7 Or a Normal Tablet? I think a normal Tablet offers much more freedom and value for money than the Kindle.

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