NeoCore B1 10 Inch WiFi Tablet UK

B1 tab early generationAt the moment the NeoCore brand of Tablets are some of the best in the UK in terms of stability, quality, and value for money. There are a few different models of NeoCore Tablet available. Most notable are the NeoCore N1 and the NeoCore C1. The B1 is the cheapest out of the three models. But just because it's the cheapest doesn't mean it's not packed with excellent features that are not too different to what the N1 and C1 have.

B1 Features + Specification

The NeoCore B1 10.1 Inch Touch Screen Tablet has a Quad Core processor which is made up of 4x1.3GHz Cores. It also has 512mb RAM. So for the price this is a fast Tablet that is capable of running multiple programs with minimal effort. It has the Android 4.4 operating system (KitKat), and has an internal 8GB of storage built-in. This is upgradable via SD Card up to 64GB.

It's fast and responsive. And by most accounts the screen resolution and graphic capabilities are good for the price. Couple that with it being a ten inch Tablet rather than a 7" or 9" and you have a Tablet capable of offering a great user experience when it comes to things like watching films, reading books, and playing games. The NeoCore B1 also has many of the usual, and useful features found on the more expensive Tablets like Dual Cameras (2MP), WiFi, Bluetooth, Google Play, SD Card compatible, internal microphone, Micro USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, and a pretty decent battery life.

Of course, you can also do all the usual stuff like browse the Internet, check mail, YouTube, watch catch up TV, install new software, including the kindle app, and any other app, out of the many thousand available, that you may want installed. Thanks to there now being an app for almost everything for Android you can basically do anything on the NeoCore B1 Tablet.

The NeoCore B1 Tablet is slim and light in weight. It's around a 3rd of an Inch in thickness and half a KG (499 Grams) in weight. But one of the most impressive things included within the low price of this Tablet is the 2 year Warranty that NeoCore offer with this item. This is an excellent deal. Two years is a long time, and within that time frame if something goes wrong with your Tablet you can send it back to NeoCore and either get it repaired or replaced.


A lot of companies in the UK selling budget Tablets (usually shipped from China) are offering a 1 year warranty, so for NeoCore to offer double that speaks volumes. They have a lot of confidence in their products. Enough to stand behind them and offer a very long warranty.

The B1 Tablet is impressive for the price, but add the warranty into the mix and you have one of the best Tablet deals in terms of value for the money and product security currently available online. Buy one while they are still in stock. As mentioned above, for a little more money you can buy the slightly better NeoCore N1 and NeoCore C1 Tablets, which basically have everything (including the same warranty length) that the B1 has but with some nice upgrades like 1GB RAM, HDMI, Octa Core GPU, GPS, and a Built-in radio. Want the latest addition to the Neocore range? Check out the newer E1.

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