Second Best Selling iPad Air Tablet

Apple iPad AirThe best-selling Apple iPad Air model is the black 16GB 10 Inch with Retina display. The second best-selling iPad Air is this one, the gray (exact colour is Space Gray) Apple iPad Air 2 64GB 10 Inch (9.7-inch). *Updated due to price drop. The iPad Air 2 is now around the same price as the first model. It’s also available in White. Although it doesn’t mention it, this one also has the super clear Retina display. In fact, this model is basically identical to the best seller.

Same super fast A7 Processor Chip (iPad 2 A8X), same functions, same software package (Including Microsoft Office and a bucket load more), everything! The only differences being the colour, and the storage memory (hard drive) is double the size at 32GB. The price difference between the two models is minimal.

Best price when this post was written is on Amazon, although you may find one slightly cheaper on eBay. Just make sure you only buy from a top rated seller or at least an established seller with excellent feedback. Both models do have a few limitations.

Actually, all iPad Air 1’s do, regardless of colour or hard drive size. See the link above to read more about those from the customer reviews. Don’t worry, the niggles are minor, the iPad Air is the best Tablet on the market by miles. These two models are more sought after than the Apple iPad Air 2.

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