The New Fire IPS 7 Inch Tablet

Amazon shakes up the Tablet world by bringing out their new, and much improved new Fire 7 Inch Tablet. And its cheap to buy. It is now available to pre-order. The new Fire 7" Tablet will officially be launched for sale on 30th September 2015. Sales are expected to be rapid in the run up to Xmas. They may just be sold out long before Christmas even gets here.

Have you tried to buy a normal Kindle Fire HD lately..They are mostly sold out on Amazon. That is set to change as this is not the only new Fire Tablet that's being launched on the same date. There is a whole new range hitting the shelves.

It starts with the Fire 7 inch but goes up in price along with size and computing power. With the biggest and most advanced Tablet being the 10.1" HD Fire 16GB (Also available to pre-order). There's even a Fire Tablet that's been brought out specifically for kids which has an excellent offer that comes included for free: If your kid breaks it they will replace it free of charge (no quibble 2 year guarantee).

So whats different about this Fire 7" Tablet and how does it compare to other Tablets that are within the same price range. Well, the two Tablet brands that are considered as two of the best within this price bracket by customers are the Fusion5 and NeoCore Tablets. And while they really are great Tablets for the price, the new Fire from Amazon is on a different level. First off the IPS display screen is super sharp and super high quality. Only the more expensive Tablets can compete with that type of screen quality. The battery life also far surpasses any of the cheaper Tablets with a seven hour time span with mixed usage.

Tests have been done. One was a test against a more expensive Samsung Tablet to see which Tablet could display the same video clip in better quality, and apparently the Fire won hands down.


Another test where it was compared to an Apple iPad 2 in terms of toughness seen both devices spun around in a testing machine to see which one could handle the most abuse. The new Fire 7" was still OK after being thrown around in the machine two hundred times, while the Apple iPad 2 was smashed up (Display smashed to bits) after just twenty times around. And just remember the price.

This Tablet is being put against other Tablets that cost much more money to buy and its coming out on top. That says a lot right there. The new Fire 7 Inch Tablet also has everything else most cheap Tablets have like dual cameras, Quad Core Processor (4x 1.3GHz), WiFi, 8GB built-in storage, Micro SD Card (up to 128GB), and more Apps than before. Of course, the Kindle reading App, playing games, watching movies, all will be excellent quality with this device due to its super sharp display.

Free Stuff

You also get some impressive freebies and access to the new Amazon Underground App store when you buy the Fire 7". A lot of Apps in the new store are free. And Prime subscribers can watch and listen to anything, videos, books, music etc. You also get free unlimited Cloud storage for any Amazon data including pictures that you take with the Fire device.


The one thing to consider when comparing the 7" Fire to the other cheap Tablets, is that the other cheap Tablets are 9 and 10 Inch for around the same price. This Fire is only 7 Inch device. However, all things considered, the toughness, extended battery life, excellent screen, freebies, and all round quality of the product, its only a tiny plus for the other Tablets being that little bit bigger in size. The Fire still wins hands down. It's an absolute bargain for the price.

Amazon have really pushed the limits with their new range of Tablets, offering more value for money than ever before. However, I do think that for the price, it's the Fire 7" Tablet that steals the show. This Tablet has just become a serious competitor in the market place for all the companies that currently manufacture budget Tablets.  It's raised the bar considerably, which is really good news for consumers.

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