Amazon Fire 7 Inch Tablet Sold Out

black fire sold outIn a previous post I asked, will the new Amazon Fire 7 Inch Tablet sell out before Christmas? Because of its price, and with all the hype surrounding this particular Tablet from Amazon's new range, it has beaten any expectations and sold out within a few weeks!. It is the best seller in the electronics category on the Amazon Marketplace.

Not to worry though, it won't be sold out for long as there are more on the way. The new Amazon Fire 7 Inch Tablet (read about it here) will be back in stock on the 25th October 2015. It's now available to pre-order yet again. How long will it be before it is sold out again. It should be noted that the other Tablets from the new Amazon range are still in stock and available to buy.

Now that a bit of time has elapsed and people have had the chance to buy and use the Fire 7" how do the reviews stack up for this model. As with most Tablets, the reviews are quite mixed. You can't please everyone. This Tablet has a rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Most people are amazed at the build quality and ease of use for such a low price. And some customers are disappointed that everything has been kept "In house", so Google Play can't be installed. You are forced to use Amazon's products.

However, the worst complaint is that some customers are saying they bought the item, tried to turn it on, but it just would not work. Also, there are a few problems with updates. Apparently there are a few known issues with some of the Tablets and Amazon's technical team of engineers are on the case trying to get it sorted out. Anyone who has received a faulty Fire 7" will be able to get it replaced for one that does actually work once the new stock becomes available on the 25th October.

Various other little niggles have been reported like battery life and WiFi seems a little slow, but a bigger let down for some seems to be the quality of the dual cameras. They are not very good at all. But given the price point most people can accept that and are generally happy with the Fire 7". And it should be noted that most of the customers who are leaving review scores on Amazon for this Tablet are rating it a full five stars.

But, if your confidence has gone down after reading this and you want to buy another brand of Tablet altogether there are other options. Two excellent alternatives are the Fusion5 and NeoCore B1 Tablets which are around the same price as the Fire 7". Got a bit more money to spend, check out the Lenovo A8-50 8 Inch Tablet, which costs a bit more but is a great Tablet for the money.

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