The New Microsoft Surface Book

What is happening in the world of computing..It seems as if many of the high-end brands that pave the way with new technology are building something that has already existed for decades. Do you know what it is. A Laptop. Can a Laptop ever be replaced by a Tablet? With how much money is being thrown into new forms of glorified Laptop / Tablet hybrids it seems not. Too much beating around the bush.

It reminds me of when computers first came out and we saw all types of strange contraptions and hideous designs. This also happened with mobile phones! That's not to say that the new Surface Book is ugly, it looks great, but it seems like we're going through a similar transitional stage where all types of things are being tried. Well, not just tried and tested behind closed doors, but actually sold to the public.
So what does the new Surface Book have. Well, it's super thin and has a touch screen. Yeah, like a Tablet!. The screen is 13.5 inches in diameter and is a massive 6 million pixels! It has a "Clipboard" feature which is basically the screen detached from the keyboard, complete with stylus pen to make writing and graphic related tasks more personal and creative.

The new Surface Book splits totally in half. The new Surface Book can also fold up on itself (Fulcrum Hinge), so it's basically a Tablet and Laptop combined. It comes complete with Windows 10 Pro, Core i7 Processor, USB 3.0, Glass Trackpad (glorified mouse), 12 hours battery life, and has the capacity of being able to have 16GB RAM and 1TB of data storage space. See the video above to be swept off your feet!

So now we have both a Tablet and a Laptop in one unit. It's not really anything new. Fair enough it looks great and is super powerful, but when are we going to see something really revolutionary.. Can Tablets take the place of Laptops? As the owner of a Tablet website you would expect me to say yes, but the answer is no. Laptops will be made better, or with more power and a few quirks, like you are basically seeing here with the new Surface Book, but never eradicated. Not for the next few decades anyway.

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