Amazon Fire HD7 Tablet Black Friday

Black Friday Deal
Wow, just when you thought it couldn't get any cheaper, Amazon go and put the Fire 7" down in price in the Black Friday Sales. The price is crazy low. Please note: All prices are subject to change at any time. And excellent news for people looking to buy a cheap Tablet for themselves, or for someone else as a gift for Christmas.

It looks as though due to the slash in price that Amazon are not letting people buy more than two, which is understandable because with such a hefty discount on an already cheaply priced item, they will be sold out really fast if individual people were able to buy bigger quantities. This way more people get to take advantage of a nice saving.

Everything has been said about the Fire 7" on this website already, it's a great device for the most part. And at this price it's almost unbeatable. There are some other superb deals happening on Amazon for Black Friday. One is the Fire Kids Edition 7 Inch. The Kids edition also comes with a great warranty for peace of mind. The Six Inch Kindle with Anti-Glare is also down in price. And another Tablet to consider, which has also had a discount applied is the Acer Iconia One B1-820. However, reviews for this model aren't exactly glowing. Yet again, it's the Fire 7" that wins the competition for value for money.

There were a few competitors alongside the Fire 7" that were well within the fifty pound price range, but now with the Fire being so low, I doubt the other brands will be able to drop to such a low price point. But then again, with the run up to Xmas and with competition being fierce we could see other brands match the price in order to grab their share of the Xmas buying frenzy. If the Fusion5 9" or 10" matches this price I would buy one of those instead. The Fusion5 are cheap enough and sell well anyway so there's no guarantee that they will drop any lower in price. So, as it stands right now, if you want a quality Tablet today at the cheapest possible price, the Fire HD7 is a great choice.

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