Graphics Drawing Tablet With Screen

Graphics Drawing Tablet With ScreenMost cheap Tablets made for drawing and graphics do not have a screen. They are basically a drawing mat. Kind of like a computer mouse, but in the form of a slate and a stylus pen. The actual drawing  / graphics are projected onto the screen of what the Graphics Tablet has been plugged into (via USB), such as a desktop computer or a laptop.

If you do buy one of these types of Tablets you will find that, like most things when they are being used for the first time, do have a learning curve. However, once you get used to the combination of using your hand / stylus pen while looking at the screen of your desktop / laptop, you can quickly become somewhat of an expert at mastering this technique.

The question you need to ask yourself is: Would you rather save a considerable amount of money and master the use of a cheaper Tablet that has no screen. Or would you rather pay more money and buy a Tablet which has a screen that you draw on directly.

Of course, the cheaper graphics Tablets are not perfect and do have some little flaws like the slight delay / lag between the transferring of the drawing / hand movements from the Tablet to the computer screen etc.

However, this is mostly down to the processing power of the computer / laptop. A higher spec computer / laptop won't show much lag at all, if any. So the no-screen Tablets are a great choice for most people. They are very easy to use, and have the ability to deliver professional results.The precision to minute graphical details, once you get the hang of using this type of set up, is really impressive for the price. Their build quality is mostly very high also. You really can't go far wrong.

The more expensive models that have their own screen to work on are more professional in appearance and offer a user experience that resembles an artist using a mini Easel. Most can be placed on a desktop upright, or be tilted and adjusted to suit the user. They are basically like a flat screen TV in appearance, but with a screen that you draw on! This is digital drawing, live and at its best.

Ugee UG-1910B19" Drawing TabletReviews are generally very good for this model considering its price. Sadly, this model is now sold out. But if you're looking for an excellent, extremely capable alternative graphics tablet with it's own screen, take a look at the brilliant XP-PEN Artist22 Pro 22 Inch Graphics tablet, which is packing an IPS HD (High Definition) display.

Most of the best models have been made to a very high standard. Anti-radiation, reinforced glass, scratch resistant screen, and bump / jolt protection all as standard. They offer total flexibility and allow the user to push their limits of creativity to levels previously not achievable by hand on a computer device offered to the consumer market.


The one name that stands out above all, is Wacom. They produce the Cintiq models. And make no mistake about it, within their price range they are some of the absolute best graphics tablets you can buy. Truly amazing results, and a build quality to match. If you're serious about your artwork, or you need one for your actual job, the Wacom Cintiq models are what you should be looking at. Did I mention the price?..

Are you ready for this. Are you sitting down. It's not that expensive really considering what you get in return. As you probably guessed, they are not cheap. The price for the cheapest model of Cintiq is still expensive. Then we go up through the models right up to the spectacular Wacom Cintiq 24 HD, which will require you to hand over serious cash and see you handed back some copper coins for your change. A great model to consider if you are looking spend a considerable amount of money, but not quite 24 HD money, is the Wacom Cintiq 27QHD, which costs slightly less.

Cheaper Alternatives

There is a dark horse though that comes in way under the price of even the cheapest Cintiq. The model pictured on this page is the Ugee UG-1910B19" Drawing Tablet (now sold out). It is a fully fledged Graphics Tablet with a pressure sensitive screen that's been made to be drawn onto directly. It makes an excellent alternative to the more expensive Cintiq range. It still offers all of the advantages and added benefits of working directly on to a screen.

The Ugee 1910B 19" is really well made and works with most of the popular graphic related software like Photoshop, Corel Painter, CorelDraw, Manga Studio etc. There are others out there for sale, but the Ugee 1910B is the product that gives you the best all-round deal in terms of performance and build quality for the price. It costs a lot less than a Cintiq. And it's a steal at the price its on sale for. Customer reviews of this model are superb.

I suppose it depends on how serious you are about what you need to use the device for. If you just fancy a doodle now and then, or want one for the kids to play with, it would be best to go for something cheaper, with no screen, that still offers a good user experience, like the EX07 Ugee TrueTouch Gen 5 or the Huion 1060 Plus.

Both are excellent devices for their cheap price tags, and are compatible with lots of different graphics / drawing related (pressure sensitive) software like Manga Studio, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Paint Tool SAI, Visio, Corel Painter and CorelDraw. As well as many more software programs. Even professionals use these two models for work purposes, so they are both very capable of great results.

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