Lexibook 7 Inch Tablet Reviews

The kids range of Lexibook 7 Inch Tablets have some seriously bad reviews. For the price it really should fare better. Specially when you consider what else you can buy for around the same price. And when you also take into account that for the same price of a Lexibook 7 Inch you can get a Quad Core Tablet that is fast and stable, with good memory and battery life, and also comes complete with kids software pre-installed. So why bother with a Lexibook when they are riddled with problems. A lot of people still buy them despite negative reviews.

But if you want to avoid a potential headache, don't waste your money on one. Some of the major problems that people report are that the device only allows the user to charge the Tablet up one time, then after that it just won't allow the user to charge it again. So it basically has the chance of not even lasting you the day before it can't be charged anymore. Another issue is the battery life itself is very bad. In fact, most people say the product just plain doesn't work properly. Someone asked a question about one of the Tablets (The one pictured) on Amazon, and a user who has bought and owned the product said. Can't help you, " Mine does not even turn on".

One of two things is going on with Lexibook Tablets. Their products are either suffering from severe quality control issues, or they are trying to make as much money as possible and have got the manufacturers in China to use the cheapest parts and components possible in order to get their unit price down as low as possible. They then market that low quality product as a "First Tablet for Kids", throw some kids decoration on the surface like bright colours, happy kids on the screen in the pictures of the product, bit of software for the kids to use, and there you go. You now have a cheaply made, poor quality product marketed for kids that won't last very long because it has been made using the cheapest parts possible.

And its OK, because it's just a kids Tablet anyway. That's what it looks like they want you to think. Give it a pass so to speak. Well it does matter, and it doesn't get a pass. Kid or adult, who wants to buy and use a product that is riddled with problems and only has a short lifespan. Nobody. Who cares how user-friendly a product is marketed as being if it doesn't even work.

Products like this should be taken off sale on Amazon and only allowed to return if they are revised and made to a better standard. Much better options are out there, some are even cheaper than most of the Lexibook 7 Inch models. Two that are much better quality kids Tablet are the KAPOW 7 Inch and the EUHubb 7 Inch. Both are excellent for the price, cheaper than the Lexibook models, and the reviews speak for themselves.

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