More Budget Priced Tablet PC Deals

Last week we published a review list consisting of some of the best cheap Tablets to buy in the UK Well, after more research, here are four more great Tablet deals to consider if you're on a tight budget. Each one is still low in price just like the first list, so they are all excellent value for money. Please Note: All prices are subject to change at any time.

TaoHaoHuo 10 Inch Android Tablet

TaoHaoHuo A33 Quad CoreThe 10" TaoHaoHuo has an A33 Quad Core Cortex-A7 Processor, which consists of 4 x 1.3Ghz Cores. It also has Mali-400, which is basically a built-in graphics card, but in many ways a much cleverer one that is a perfect match for the TaoHaoHuo's A33 Quad Core Quad Core Processor.

 The operating system installed on this Tablet is Android Kit Kat. A lot of the cheaper Tablets have an 8GB hard drive and 512MB RAM but this one has double that with 16GB of internal storage and 1GB RAM (DDR2). Perfect for all the usual things like playing games, watching films, Apps, reading books, music, Interneting, and doing After school studies! Get yourself an add-on external keyboard and mouse and it becomes a mini-laptop. A cheap little workhorse.

Bluetooth and USB On The Go are present.. The 10 Inch TaoHaoHuo Tablet also supports an external 3G device (dongle). The Dual cameras are the same basic quality that most of the cheap Tablets have. A third of a megapixel front facing camera, and a 2MP camera at the back. Overall this is a great little package for the low price. And taking into consideration the specifications, this Tablet will should be a good multi-tasker for the price.

Another potential bonus depending on the quality of the lithium Ion battery itself is that the battery in this Tablet has a bigger capacity than a lot of the other Tablets have that fall within this price range. The battery is 5000mAh. Whether or not that converts into the battery actually lasting longer will be down to the user to determine from using the Tablet daily. Reviews are good. And there's a 12 month UK warranty included for peace of mind.

Fusion5 7 Inch Quad Core IPS Tablet

A Fusion5 Tablet was included on the previous list, and it was a bigger sized Tablet (9 Inch) than this 7 Inch model. However, this 7 Inch Fusion5 Tablet is an updated version in more ways than one. Being one of the updated models, It has slightly tougher, more durable build quality. And also has many of the latest features that are seen in other Tablets from different brands currently new on the market, like an IPS display and the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. If you're not aware, an IPS (In-Plane Switching) display basically means better, more vivid colours and the ability to see what is displayed on the Tablets screen more clearly when looking at the screen from obscure angles. The Tablet is around half an inch is thickness. Now sold out.

The Fusion5 7 Inch Tablet also has 1GB RAM and a built-in 8GB of Flash storage space (Upgradable to 32GB maximum). The Quad Core Processor is made up of 4 x 1.2Ghz Processors. This is an excellent little Tablet that has impressive reviews. But then again, most Fusion5 Tablets do have good reviews. The Fusion5 7 Inch will be more than enough for most people who want to read books, play games, surf the Internet, Youtube etc, with a fast and responsive Tablet that won't break the bank.

Comes with mini USB cable and charger. This Tablet, like the rest from Fusion5, comes with a 1 year warranty included. It also has all the usual features most cheap Tablets have like dual cameras, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro SD card slot etc. But please note: This Tablet does not have Bluetooth or GPS. Still a great deal.

Tabtronics KAPOW 7'' Childrens Android Tablet Bundle

TABTRONICS-KAPOW-7-KIDS-TabletIf you're looking for an excellent little Tablet bundle deal to give to a child as a gift, this Tabtronics KAPOW 7 Inch Android Tablet Bundle is going to be hard to beat. For £50 you get a fairly powerful, responsive 7 Inch Tablet, a neat little Tablet case, and a pair of kids headphones.The Tabtronics KAPOW 7 Inch Tablet has an A33 Quad Core Processor (4 x 1.2Ghz Cores), Android Kit Kat 4.4 Operating System, 8GB hard drive, 512MB RAM, Bluetooth, WiFi, built-in microphone, 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro SD card slot and dual cameras.

It's a great Tablet for kids or someone who is new to the Tablet world and wants something that's basic and easy to use, but still very capable. It comes pre-loaded with Google Play, and because it's an Android Tablet your child can download as many games, educational or otherwise, as they so desire. This will keep them occupied for hours.

Be aware though, 8GB of storage will not last very long if you are downloading lots of apps, TV series from BBC iPlayer, or films. You will most probably need to buy a Micro SD card to add extra storage space. This is the same as any Tablet that comes with 8GB of storage space because around 3GB will have been used up by the operating system and other files and software that the Tablet comes installed with.

Thankfully, SD Cards are cheap to buy. You can get a 32GB Micro SD card for very cheap. A 12 month UK warranty is included with this deal. You don't have to buy this Tablet as a bundle. It can be bought on its own. Tabtronics KAPOW 7" is available in Pink or Blue.

Honourable Mention

If you're on a really tight budget and need a decent Tablet as a Christmas present for the kids, the EUHubb 7 inch Android Tablet is well worth a look. It has many great reviews and is very cheap to buy. You can get the Dual Core model for a low price. Or you get the Quad Core model, which will perform better, for a little more. Both have 8GB of built-in storage space, 512MB RAM, WiFi, dual cameras, headphone jack, and a Micro SD card slot.

It has parental control software ready to be set up already on the device. Google Play is present and it also comes with lots of kids games pre-loaded and ready to go. One negative is that the battery life isn't that long. Other than that the EUHubb 7 inch Android Tablet is a good little deal. It's not just for kids, adults can also use this Tablet and be able to do everything they could on any other Tablet that's considered as an "Adult" model. Available in Blue or Pink.

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