The Best Linx 8 Tablet Case

A wide selection of accessories are available for Tablets. From touch screen stylus pens, external keyboards, screen protectors, and of course protective cases. They are all just as important as each other. One case that really stands out from the rest, is the Linx 8 PU Leather Folio Case made by Fintie. It's very well made and has a multitude of great little features that a lot of the other cases just don't have. All round quality being the main, most noticeable one. It looks really neat and professional.

The outer layer of the case is scratch proof and made from tough PU leather. The inner layer is made from a gentle microfiber fabric which helps keep the screen protected and blemish free. It has a stylus pen holder so that when not in use the pen sits neatly at the side of the case. The stylus pen is not included with the case but it is extremely cheap to buy. The stand capabilities feature a picture frame style angle for watching videos or viewing pictures.

That is available as landscape or portrait, whichever you prefer to use. And there is also a lower, tilted position which makes tasks like typing with the virtual keyboard, and even general usage on a flat surface feel nice and comfortable. And of course, it can be closed up so it looks like a diary with the tablet completely concealed. With the case fitted you still have the ability to press any button or access anything else, like the USB port on the Tablet device itself. You can even use the camera with the case fully fitted.

linx 8 case coverThis is most probably the best case out there for the Linx 8" Tablet. The good news is it's also available for the other sized Linx Tablet models like the 7" and 10 Inch. The 8" case also fits the 810B model. And there's more good news. The price is the same for the 7", 8" and normal 10" Tablets. The only model where this case is more expensive to buy is for the Linx 1010B. By most accounts the fit of these cases is super tight, making it extremely well fitted and secure. That's exactly how you want it to be when its holding your nice new Tablet inside.

The different colours available make this case suitable for just about anyone. Here is the full range of colours and designs that are for sale. Black, Blue, Green, Magenta, Navy, Purple, Leopard Magenta, Leopard Rainbow, Newspaper design and Vintage Map. Lots to choose from. This is a great product for the price. See all the designs and colours.

What about Customer Reviews

Customer feedback for this case is mostly excellent. The big majority of customers are impressed with its quality for the price. However, like any product, there are some negative reviews. But it should be noted: The positive reviews far outweigh the bad ones. For most people this is one of the best covers for the Linx range mentioned here. The most common complaint is the fitting, backed up by the functionality.

Some people say the case just doesn't fit their Tablet even though they bought the correct size for their model of Tablet, making it hard to use the touch screen options at times. However, due to the Linx models having the Windows operating system installed it is possible that it's actually Windows itself causing the problem. Certain applications (Apps), don't mix well with Windows at this time and won't fully fit the screen. So that may actually be the culprit with some of the reviews, not the case itself.

Although, it does seem like there is some confusion among buyers as to which is the correct size for there model. Especially between the normal 10" and 1010B. Functionality: A few customers say some of the buttons can't be used properly when the case is on. And a select few said using the external keyboard with the cover on can be a bit annoying. All the little hindrances aside, this case has one of the best review scores on Amazon. And that says a lot on its own

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