It® 10.1 Inch IPS GPS Android Tablet

It® 10.1 InchTake a step up from the many super low-priced Tablets that are mostly too cheap to really be any good and you will enter the realm of devices that are still cheap, but offer so much value for money that they leave most buyers pleasantly surprised by how well-built and versatile they are. The It® 10.1 Inch just about falls into that category.

It has many great features that users have come to expect these days. Good (not great) build quality, IPS screen, Satellite GPS, a decent amount of storage space, adequate RAM, and a powerful enough processor to be able to handle a good mixed workload of applications without becoming slow and unresponsive. For someone who wants to do a little bit of everything on their device, the It® 10.1" performs pretty well in all areas.

The It® 10.1 Inch has a Quad Core Mediatek MTK8127 Processor, 1GB RAM, and has Android 5.0 (Lollipop) installed. This gives it a good core specification. And the 16GB of internal storage space provides enough space for the user to be able to save a good amount of music, pictures and TV shows internally without having to buy an external SD card straight away. Although, SD cards are very cheap these days and a lot of people buy one at the same time they buy this device. A 32GB SD card (Very cheap), which is the maximum size this device can hold, should be more than enough to keep most people going for quite some time.

Battery life is respectable, giving between 2 - 6 hours of usage. Google Play comes pre-installed and the device is compatible with Sky-Go. This is a new feature that has been added to this Tablet. The older models were not compatible with Sky-Go, but a quick update by It® later, and any that are bought at this time should work just fine with Sky-Go. A few people have had problems with watching Sky's Live broadcasts. If you experience problems when trying to watch Sky live TV, there is an App called mobdro that should solve that problem. Although, hopefully you won't need to use it if you are buying this Tablet now or in the near future due to the newer models being updated. The It® 10.1" is also compatible with Kodi.


There is a mini HDMI port (and 1 micro USB port) that makes easy work of linking the device to a compatible external screen (TV). And of course, with Google Play you get access to all the popular Apps, like Kindle, YouTube, ITV, Freeview, and hundreds of thousands more. The WiFi and Bluetooth (4.0) both have decent signal strength and the speakers on this Tablet are situated in good locations, making the most of what sound these little speakers are capable of producing. However, the speakers on almost all Tablets in this price range are a little on the weak / tinny side. This one, although the sound is of decent quality, is no exception. The Dual cameras are the standard, low quality versions that come integrated in so many Tablets at this price point.

There have been a few reliability issues with this model that buyers should be aware of. Problems with a flickering screen and other, various issues have been reported. The most serious fault is when the Tablet "Dies" and refuses to turn power up after a short period of ownership. Charging problems have also plagued this model, as well as some WiFi disconnects on affected devices. However, these instances are few and fairly far between. And while it does have it's fair share of negative reviews, it does also have a lot of positive ones too.

But overall it appears to be luck of the draw as to whether you get a "good one" or not, as some buyers couldn't be happier, while others were clearly not happy at all with this item. Although, the odds of getting a fault free Tablet are definitely more in the buyers favour, it seems like this model does suffer from some quality control, reliability / defective issues. The new and improved It® that is on sale now should hopefully fare better. It® do offer a returns policy (1 year warranty) where you can get your money back or get the item repaired should you receive a faulty / defective product. Overall, this is a good product if you manage snag one that doesn't have a fault of some kind.

This model is also available in 7". It's basically the same but obviously smaller in size and cheaper to buy. Good thing about the 7 Inch is that it's available in different colours. You can choose between Black, Blue, Pink, Red and White. Not sold on this one? A good alternative, which is the same price as this one, is the Time2® TC1050G.

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