Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Review

Wacom has barely managed to cling on to its position as the chosen graphics tablet brand for artists and designers in the past couple of years. Its dominance has been seriously challenged by the arrival of the iPad Pro, with its uber-luxe display and larger screen. Clubbed with the immensely popular Apple Pencil, artists and designers were flocking in droves to it. But the Japanese manufacturer has turned the table of late with a slew of new and impressive products in their range that was for a long time dominated by the obsolete Cintiq 12WX and the mundane Intuous 5.

13 inch drawing tablet with screen

At the forefront, is its smallest and most compact offering, the Cintiq 13HD Interactive. With a form factor that borders on tablet turf and a bunch of other features, (including a touch screen full HD display) that manages to impress even Apple aficionados, the Cintiq 13 HD can easily be termed Wacom’s most promising offering in the past few years. Here’s our Wacom Cintiq 13 HD review that puts this swanky new design tablet to the test and answers the most important question that users may have. Does it justify the high price tag?

Sleek and practical

At first glance, you can’t help but notice the similarity of the Cintiq 13HD to the Wacom Intuous. It is noticeably smaller but retains the same all-black matte casing and the set of express keys on the left. The keys are slightly smaller too but have a more tactile feel to it. They have the same soft veneer finish which provides some much-needed respite for the fingers after a long and exhausting design session. You can customize the keys and set shortcuts for frequently accessed tools and functions, which makes life simpler, especially with repetitive tasks. On the opposite side of the control panel, there is an LED indicator light and the connectivity ports.

In the center, is the beautiful semi-gloss LED display, which is pen enabled by the way. It is approximately 13.3 inches when measured diagonally and weighs a pleasant 2.65 pounds, which translates into easy portability unlike its larger brethren, the beefy Cintiq 24HD Touch.


On the connectivity front, you have a USB 2.0 port and a cable jack with a uniquely designed cable that borrows the 30 pin connector from Apple’s 13HD on one end and splits into HDMI, USB and power adapter connections on the other end. If you are a new gen Mac user or Laptop user with a Display Port output, then that’s an indication that you’d need to invest in a converter cable. The package also includes the stand with multiple viewing angles. You can use the slots for 22, 35 and 50 degrees or even keep it flat. The Cintiq 13HD stays rock steady allowing the artist to work to their comfort.

Bright and Sharp display with excellent responsiveness

The standout feature that makes the Cintiq 13HD a desirable proposition for artists and designers is the semi-gloss display with a 1920x1080 resolution in full HD. With 16.7 million colours and 250 cd/m2 brightness, it offers the perfect bright surface with a gamut of viewing angles. Irrespective of whether it is exhaustive design work or cumbersome photo editing, the colours pop out and the razor sharpness ensures precision.

The Pro Pen is Wacom’s answer to the Apple Pencil and it really shines with its pressure sensitivity (2,048 levels). Wacom has given the pen a much-needed external makeover. It boasts of a sleek carrying case, a dual tone external casing with a hint of chrome. Performance wise, there is minimal lag between the pen input and the cursor responsiveness.


The express keys with the frequently accessed shortcuts, the radial menu with one-button access to eight different actions and the tilt sensitivity of the Pro Pen speed up your drawing. While it is not nearly as popular as Wacom, it would be unfair not to mention the Artisul D13, which nearly rivals the Cintiq HD 13 in performance and beats it hands down in the price bracket.

What we liked the most about it

  • Sleek and compact form factor
  • 13 inch (diagonal) LED display with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Quick access shortcut express keys which are fully customizable
  • Detachable stand with preset viewing angled slots
  • Dedicated home button
  • Pro Pen with 2,048 levels of pressure sensitivity for both nib and the eraser
  • Excellent viewing angles

What could have been better

Despite being one of the most ingeniously designed offerings in recent times from Wacom, we did find a few nits to pick with the Cintiq 13HD. The most important one would be the lack of wireless connectivity. Considering the money outlay, staying tethered to the laptop or the mac feels limited. Furthermore, if you like to move about as you draw and are habituated to lift and turn the device, the tablet disconnects occasionally as the 3-in-1 cable connection is a tad weak. While this is not a major flaw, it does mar the experience of a seamless workflow.

Looking for something a bit bigger? Take a look at one of Wacom's newer models. The 15.6 Inch Cintiq 16HD. 


With a super bright display, excellent resolution and Wacom’s Pro Pen, the Cintiq 13HD is an excellent package. Is it worth the price tag? It would be fair to say that it is. With the portability of a tablet and Wacom’s durability, you’d be hard pressed to find a better performing graphics tablet at this price point.

NeoCore E1 Tablet Review (Latest Model)

NeoCore-E1-Glass-Screen-2019-2020-generationThe NeoCore E1 (E1A16) is the latest addition to the NeoCore family of Tablets, and it promises to be one of their best yet. The specification is excellent for the price bracket, and it has some features which separate it from most others in it's category. What NeoCore have done here with the E1 is took a long look at the areas which customers are most eager to see improvements in and tried to address those with the new NeoCore E1. They have definitely hit the spot with this model.

Updated in 2019 - Check out the newer 400GB model (Excellent).

First off, the Operating System on the new NeoCore E1 (Android 6.0) is easily updatable. It will literally update itself automatically. A lot of the cheaper Tablets do not have this capability and can be annoying to upgrade. Second, the E1 has a glass screen, not a plastic one which is commonly used in devices sitting slightly under the hundred pound mark. This makes for a nicer, clearer screen which is less prone to screen scuffs and blemishes. And of course, glass just adds a more quality look and feel to the device.

Latest Model

NeoCore's new E1 has an increased storage limit. It can hold an additional 200GB (Now upgraded to 400GB in the latest generation) of storage space via the MicroSD slot, beating almost everything else at this price point. The WiFi connection has also been enhanced in this device, giving it an extra strong signal. There's not one, but two internal speakers, for better, more balanced sound.

A high-capacity 7000mAh battery powers the E1. Again, this is considerably larger than almost everything else in its category, allowing for longer battery life and less recharging between uses. It can last from between 6 - 12 hours (dependant on user habits + energy usage).


The E1's core specification consists of a 10.1" 1280 x 800 IPS display, excellent Quad Core Processor (4x Cortex A53 @ 1.5GHz), 1GB RAM (now 2GB in the updated model) (DDR3L), Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating System, 16GB internal storage space and a Mali-T720 MP2 graphics Processor @ 600MHz2. Other essentials include, Bluetooth, GPS, Dual WiFi, 3.5mm headphone jack, mini HDMI, Micro USB port and SD card slot. The dual cameras are only 2 mega pixels each but that's acceptable given the overall package. You are getting supreme value for money here.

The MTK Quad Core Processor in the E1 is very capable. It's a great multi-tasker that sips power. In the updated model, the system itself can also use minimal power when in standby mode. Kind of a like a super power saving hibernation mode which is something that a lot of tablets lack This, and the energy resourceful processor are some of the reasons why this model has such an impressive battery life. NeoCore have some great models out there for sale, but this one is their most advanced so far. A 2 year warranty is also included. This new model is slimmer too. An excellent bargain. Get one while you can. They are selling like hot cakes on Amazon.

Fusion5® FWIN232 Windows Tablet Review

As far as cheap Windows 10 Tablets go, this offering from Fusion5® is pretty impressive. It's not their only cheap Windows-based offering, they also have a few others of various specifications and screen sizes that are mostly of the thinner variety. One of those being the cheaper 8 inch model. Fusion5® have so many good devices for sale in the market place that its becoming hard to keep up! They are one of the leading brands in and around this lower price range and do, for the most part, build a really good product.

Fusion5® FWIN232-Not Plus+ model
One of the main advantages of owning a Tablet that's running Microsoft Windows is that it can basically do anything a normal PC can. And needless to say, having that capability in miniature form makes things much more convenient. Also, with the added benefit of having a full-sized USB port, (As well as a Micro USB) its plug and play. External hard drives, keyboards, mice, non WiFi printers, all of which can easily be connected via the USB port.

This is marketed as the slimmer version. And it does qualify to be called that. It's around ⅓ of an inch thick. Build quality is on par for the price. Performance wise, the Fusion5® FWIN232 is no slouch. It's responsive and will happily lap up most of what you care to throw at it. Just don't throw too much at it. Although this is a very capable device for general everyday use, it's probably not the best choice out there for gaming. There are many other, much more suitable devices available within this price bracket for keen gamers. With that said, let's move on to some of its good points.

The 1280 x 800 IPS display is clear, and the touch screen is responsive. Needing just a light tap to prompt an instant reaction. The FWIN232 works well with iTunes, Kindle, MS Office, email, Internet, YouTube and catch up TV. It offers a good versatile package with its crossbred / hybrid Tablet / PC mix. For some people, this mix offers the best of both worlds. On one side it's a serious tablet that's capable of completing professional work related tasks while on the go, and on the other side it can function just fine as a device for more entertaining pastimes.

A trial version of Microsoft Office is available to be installed. After the trial expires you will have to buy the software to continue using it. Or, you can just download Apache Open Office instead (Free). There is the choice between 1GB and 2GB RAM. For the small extra outlay the 2GB model will be more appropriate for Windows 10. 1GB is adequate, but Windows 10 can be quite demanding, and sometimes even a little temperamental. So for smoother overall performance it's worth spending the extra cash to achieve that. The more RAM the better.


A generous 32GB of internal storage comes as standard, and can be upgraded via Micro SD card up to an additional 64GB. Battery life is also above average, lasting from between 4 - 8 hours. Front and rear cameras consist of a 2 megapixel front and 5 megapixel rear camera. Make sure you don't get caught out with the mini HDMI port on this machine. This has caught a few people out as they presume the more common Micro or full-sized HDMI port is present instead.

Fusion5® FWIN232 Processor

This model uses the Intel® Atom™ Quad Core Z3735F (64bit) Processor, which is running at a base standard 1.33 GHz (per core). This Processor can run at variable rates. It's limit, or "Burst", is 1.83 GHz. Windows 10 (32bit) Home Edition comes pre-installed, and for the most part it's a decent operating system. However, with the Atom™ Quad Core Processor being 64bit, it would have been nice if Fusion5® kept things nicely balanced and installed a 64bit version of Windows 10 instead.

But saying that, in most instances, get a fault free Tablet (Read more about that below) and it does have the potential to run well with this mixed combination. However, I can't help thinking that this combination could be one of the reasons for some of the issues relating to sluggish performance under certain conditions which some customers have been experiencing with this particular model.

Hit & Miss

While the positive reviews far outweigh the negative, the Fusion5® FWIN232 10 Inch does appear to have it's fair share of disgruntled customers. Generally, it's quality control that appears to be the main culprit. But there's an almost even mix of software and hardware related problems reported. So be aware: All of what is stated here in this review, in terms of good performance and a product worthy of purchasing, really depends on whether you get a fault free device or not. If you get sent one which has no issues, then this is a good companion for general everyday use for both work and play.

If you're unlucky enough to end up being sent one that does have underlying issues, you will be glad to discover that Fusion5® have an excellent refund / returns policy. With such a varied mix of customers who are either extremely happy with this device, or are so frustrated that they are throwing them at the wall, it seems like there are two entirely different products being sold. But there isn't.

The good news is your chances of being sent a fault free product are considerably higher than receiving a faulty one. In defense of the FWIN232, if you take a close look at all the Windows-based Tablets from this price bracket and beyond, you will notice that not many of them are 100% perfect all the time. Each one has its own unique set of issues, software, and or hardware related, which affects a small minority of machines. That goes for Android based examples too. Although some brands are more consistent than others. So don't be too put off. This is definitely a contender to the Linx 1010. There is now a newer version of the 232 available. That is the FWIN232+ (Plus) with 4GB RAM.

Fusion5® KD077 Seven Inch Kids Tablet

Well, it's approaching that time of year again. Christmas is a notorious time for products selling out far quicker than most people would like them to. Tablets are no different. From small to large, cheap to expensive, they are now a yearly fixture on many Christmas lists. One of the areas in the Tablet market that is severely lacking in good quality products is the kids section. It is filled with products that are so poor, they shouldn't even be listed for sale. However, there are a few knights in shining armour out there that can save the day! The Fusion5® KD077 Kidlet is certainly one of them.

Fusion5® KD077 Seven Inch Kids Tablet

Not only is this device specifically made to be child friendly, and have full parental controls (very safe), it also has solid build quality and a great specification. Watch videos, listen to music, play games, it can do it all. This is not a cheap toy, it's a real Tablet in disguise that possess many of the performance specifications that "Grown up" devices have. Some of those features include: A good quality IPS Screen, Quad Core Processor, Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating System, 1GB RAM, Two (Standard) built-in cameras (Front and back), Bluetooth, headphone Jack, internal speaker and microphone. And of course, WiFi. Even an adult can use this device if needed by disabling the parental controls.

As part of the package, the KD077 comes with lots of software programs pre-installed so it's ready to go straight out the box without the need to download anything. Although, you can start downloading if required. Google Play is installed. It's fully Internet enabled but limited via parental controls so it's safe for kids. These settings can be changed and password protected by an adult. That also applies to the buying of Apps. The child won't be able to run you up a nice big bill of App purchases.

The games and apps that come with the device offer a variety of educational, fun learning mind teasers that will get the child thinking and learning while having fun at the same time. The design is not only very appealing to kids, but the plastic surround offers great kid-proof protection, including extra plastic ears that do a good job working as corner protectors.

The only thing that's on the low side is the storage space, which is 8GB. That's not too bad, and the remaining space (taking into account the space used by the Operating System) should last a while before needing any additional storage capacity. However, this can be upgraded very easily when the time comes by purchasing a MicroSDHC card. They don't cost much and will literally quadruple the storage capacity (32GB).

You may find cheaper, but I can guarantee you that the little savings you do make will not be worth the potentially short product life and annoyance that awaits you. This is one of the best Tablets for kids. It's stable, responsive and well-built. What you get here is happy kids, and parents, with a product that actually works well.

The only other kids seven-inch Tablet in this price range that can come close to competing with this one is the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus kids model. The Fusion5® KD077 Kidlet leaves almost everything else in its category for dust. With one exception being the iRULU BabyPad Y1.

The battery life on this model could, and should be better, but that's the one area you will have to compromise on. It's a fairly small price to pay for such a great device. This is one of the best Tablets for kids. A 12 Month warranty and a four-week return and get your money back guarantee is included. Excellent deal. Be quick before the Xmas rush starts and they sell out before you get the chance to grab one.

Huawei MediaPad M3 8" Kirin 950 Tablet

Huawei-8-4GB-RAM-4G-Tablet-KirinA wolf in a smooth metal casing? It's pretty to look at, beautiful to hold, streamlined, and has a ginormous specification. What more could anyone ask for. Everything about the M3 can be summed up in one word. Smooth. The finish is spectacular and the performance is, well, extremely smooth. It's definitely up there with the iPad's and Samsung's of the world. Yes, that includes price wise too. Don't let that deter you. This is worth the price. In fact, if you are dead-set on buying an eight inch Tablet, I doubt you will find a better one from now until early to mid 2017 than the Huawei MediaPad M3.

The new Huawei M3 uses the high performance Hisilicon Octa Core Kirin 950 Processor, consisting of 4 x A72 Cores @2.3 GHz plus 4 x A53 Cores @1.8 GHz. This is the same Processor that's installed in some of their cutting edge Smartphones, including the Mate 8. The Kirin 950 Processor is super quick and extremely energy-efficient.

Combined with the Mali-T880 MP4 GPU (Graphics Processor) and the 4GB RAM that comes as standard in this model, the M3 is capable of running even the most heavy resource-sapping programs, games and Apps while still remaining stable and lag-free.

Huawei MediaPad M3 (BTV-DL09) Quick Specification

  • Hisilicon Octa Core Kirin 950 Processor
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating System + Emotion UI 4.1
  • 8.4" IPS screen (2560 x 1600) with ClariVU for that extra sparkle
  • Dual cameras, both of which are 8 Megapixels a piece
  • 4GB RAM (LPDDR4)
  • 32GB Storage Space
  • 4G / LTE Compatible
  • Harman Kardon Speakers
  • Micro USB Port
  • Micro SD Card Slot (Max 128GB)
  • Fingerprint I.D Feature
  • Internal Microphone
  • Nano Sized SIM Card Slot
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi

Huawei-8-4GB-RAM-4G-TabletHaving such a high specification makes the M3 a pleasure to use for browsing the Internet, social media, watching video clips and catch up TV. It can do all those tasks and more without really using much of its resources. Incredible performance. Great for multi-tasking. You may have noticed in the spec list that there was no HDMI port. There isn't one. However, all you need to do is buy the appropriate USB to HDMI cable (cheap), or you can connect the two devices via WiFi if the other device has this feature.

If you're an avid Kindle user, or spend a long time on the Tablet and suffer from eye strain as a result, you may find the clever, softer on the eyes smart display feature (Ambient Light Sensor) a real joy. It basically manages to keep the brightness feeling mellow on the eyes. Automatically fine tuning the displays brightness level to suit the environment you're in so that it's a perfect match. Not too dark and not too bright. This technology is nothing new but it works especially well, or just appears to look better than usual in this device due to the super vivid ClariVu 3 enhanced IPS display.

How much coverage do you need? The Huawei M3 (53017209) has an impressive array of GPS capabilities. It has normal GPS and Glonass (Russian GPS). These two can be used in conjunction for more location accuracy. It also has A-GPS (Assisted GPS). This works alongside GPS as a backup, helping to take advantage of mobile phone towers when Satellite signals are lacking. Having the ability to use both gives a helping hand when the device is being used in built up areas where the Satellite's ability to make a strong connection is limited. If that isn't enough tracking for you, the M3 even has BeiDou. The Chinese Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

In every regard, the MediaPad M3 seems very stable. But only time will tell to see if it stays that way after months of use. But wow, what a device. Weighing in at a little over 300 grams, it's also light in weight, less than a ⅓ of an inch thick and has an impressive 5100mAh battery. Colours available: Silver or Gold.