Fusion5® KD077 Seven Inch Kids Tablet

Well, it's approaching that time of year again. Christmas is a notorious time for products selling out far quicker than most people would like them to. Tablets are no different. From small to large, cheap to expensive, they are now a yearly fixture on many Christmas lists. One of the areas in the Tablet market that is severely lacking in good quality products is the kids section. It is filled with products that are so poor, they shouldn't even be listed for sale. However, there are a few knights in shining armour out there that can save the day! The Fusion5® KD077 Kidlet is certainly one of them.

Fusion5® KD077 Seven Inch Kids Tablet

Not only is this device specifically made to be child friendly, and have full parental controls (very safe), it also has solid build quality and a great specification. Watch videos, listen to music, play games, it can do it all. This is not a cheap toy, it's a real Tablet in disguise that possess many of the performance specifications that "Grown up" devices have. Some of those features include: A good quality IPS Screen, Quad Core Processor, Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating System, 1GB RAM, Two (Standard) built-in cameras (Front and back), Bluetooth, headphone Jack, internal speaker and microphone. And of course, WiFi. Even an adult can use this device if needed by disabling the parental controls.

As part of the package, the KD077 comes with lots of software programs pre-installed so it's ready to go straight out the box without the need to download anything. Although, you can start downloading if required. Google Play is installed. It's fully Internet enabled but limited via parental controls so it's safe for kids. These settings can be changed and password protected by an adult. That also applies to the buying of Apps. The child won't be able to run you up a nice big bill of App purchases.

The games and apps that come with the device offer a variety of educational, fun learning mind teasers that will get the child thinking and learning while having fun at the same time. The design is not only very appealing to kids, but the plastic surround offers great kid-proof protection, including extra plastic ears that do a good job working as corner protectors.

The only thing that's on the low side is the storage space, which is 8GB. That's not too bad, and the remaining space (taking into account the space used by the Operating System) should last a while before needing any additional storage capacity. However, this can be upgraded very easily when the time comes by purchasing a MicroSDHC card. They don't cost much and will literally quadruple the storage capacity (32GB).

You may find cheaper, but I can guarantee you that the little savings you do make will not be worth the potentially short product life and annoyance that awaits you. This is one of the best Tablets for kids. It's stable, responsive and well-built. What you get here is happy kids, and parents, with a product that actually works well.

The only other kids seven-inch Tablet in this price range that can come close to competing with this one is the Dragon Touch Y88X Plus kids model. The Fusion5® KD077 Kidlet leaves almost everything else in its category for dust. With one exception being the iRULU BabyPad Y1.

The battery life on this model could, and should be better, but that's the one area you will have to compromise on. It's a fairly small price to pay for such a great device. This is one of the best Tablets for kids. A 12 Month warranty and a four-week return and get your money back guarantee is included. Excellent deal. Be quick before the Xmas rush starts and they sell out before you get the chance to grab one.

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