NeoCore E1 Tablet Review (Latest Model)

NeoCore-E1-Glass-Screen-2019-2020-generationThe NeoCore E1 (E1A16) is the latest addition to the NeoCore family of Tablets, and it promises to be one of their best yet. The specification is excellent for the price bracket, and it has some features which separate it from most others in it's category. What NeoCore have done here with the E1 is took a long look at the areas which customers are most eager to see improvements in and tried to address those with the new NeoCore E1. They have definitely hit the spot with this model.

Updated in 2019 - Check out the newer 400GB model (Excellent).

First off, the Operating System on the new NeoCore E1 (Android 6.0) is easily updatable. It will literally update itself automatically. A lot of the cheaper Tablets do not have this capability and can be annoying to upgrade. Second, the E1 has a glass screen, not a plastic one which is commonly used in devices sitting slightly under the hundred pound mark. This makes for a nicer, clearer screen which is less prone to screen scuffs and blemishes. And of course, glass just adds a more quality look and feel to the device.

Latest Model

NeoCore's new E1 has an increased storage limit. It can hold an additional 200GB (Now upgraded to 400GB in the latest generation) of storage space via the MicroSD slot, beating almost everything else at this price point. The WiFi connection has also been enhanced in this device, giving it an extra strong signal. There's not one, but two internal speakers, for better, more balanced sound.

A high-capacity 7000mAh battery powers the E1. Again, this is considerably larger than almost everything else in its category, allowing for longer battery life and less recharging between uses. It can last from between 6 - 12 hours (dependant on user habits + energy usage).


The E1's core specification consists of a 10.1" 1280 x 800 IPS display, excellent Quad Core Processor (4x Cortex A53 @ 1.5GHz), 1GB RAM (now 2GB in the updated model) (DDR3L), Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating System, 16GB internal storage space and a Mali-T720 MP2 graphics Processor @ 600MHz2. Other essentials include, Bluetooth, GPS, Dual WiFi, 3.5mm headphone jack, mini HDMI, Micro USB port and SD card slot. The dual cameras are only 2 mega pixels each but that's acceptable given the overall package. You are getting supreme value for money here.

The MTK Quad Core Processor in the E1 is very capable. It's a great multi-tasker that sips power. In the updated model, the system itself can also use minimal power when in standby mode. Kind of a like a super power saving hibernation mode which is something that a lot of tablets lack This, and the energy resourceful processor are some of the reasons why this model has such an impressive battery life. NeoCore have some great models out there for sale, but this one is their most advanced so far. A 2 year warranty is also included. This new model is slimmer too. An excellent bargain. Get one while you can. They are selling like hot cakes on Amazon.

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