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iPad 4 Mini-64gb-whiteEight Inch Tablets are widely considered as the perfect size for most uses. Small and light enough to still be portable, but big enough to make pass times like streaming and watching movies an enjoyable experience. At 7.9", the Apple iPad 4 Mini falls just under the eight inch size range. However, for what it gives away in size, which is minute anyway, it more than makes up for in other areas.

The screen alone beats almost everything else in its category and beyond. If you're looking for something at the pinnacle of small screen technology, look no further. The deepness and most colour abundant champion of small screens is the Apple iPad Mini 4. The quality can only be described as amazing, and the colour gamut range really is top shelf.

Excellent Display

The Apple iPad Mini 3 has an excellent display, and although they both share the same resolution PPI, the Mini 4 beats it in colour gamut by over 25%. Such an excellent colour range and razor-sharp clarity from the 2048 x 1536 laminated IPS retina screen. The operating system installed on this model is iOS 9.2.#

iPads are superior to most

iPad 4 Mini-black-grey
As with all Apple iPad's, the build quality is superb. It's light in weight (around 300 Grams) and slim beyond belief. In the hand, top quality brushed aluminium is a far cry from anything else that isn't finished using the same material. As crazy as this might sound to some, it's such a beautiful device to handle that it makes you want to treat it delicately with care and respect.

Even more worthy of respect is the performance. In a world that see's more Cores as being better (Which a lot of the time isn't the case), would you believe that the iPad Mini 4th Generation still uses a Two Core Processor? Well, it does. It uses a Dual Core A8 (64‑bit) Processor @ 1.5 GHz. Which goes to prove, more Cores doesn't always mean better performance.

Adding more horsepower to the overall specification is the Quad Core Graphics Processor (PowerVR GX6450) and 2GB of RAM. The battery life from the advanced Lithium Polymer 5124 mAh battery is also impressive.

This model (64GB) is WiFi only (No 3G or 4G). However, although not a new technology, the Mini 4th Generation supports the faster WiFi IEEE 802.11ac, as well as 802.11 a/b/g/n. This means you can use either 2.4GHz WiFI, or the faster and less crowded 5GHz frequency band. Please be aware: If you haven't already, you will have to upgrade to a faster router via your Internet Service Provider if you want to take advantage of this feature. It's not automatically activated once you use your Mini 4 on your WiFi network.

However, it's not really needed if you are happy with your Internet connection. The sound quality of the speakers is superior to quite a lot of devices of similar size. Also built-in is a front facing 1.2mp camera (720p) and an 8mp iSight rear camera, which is capable of so much. Including slow motion, burst mode, Panorama, and quality as high as 1080p.

More features and considerations

The inclusion of a 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.2 and Touch ID do soften the blow slightly, but the lack of easy, convenient connectivity can't be ignored. There is no USB Port, no HDMI Port and no Micro SD card slot. Of course, they are ways round these limitations but some require additional purchases, and that is a bit disappointing really. Limitations aside, this is one of the best eight inch tablets out there. Colours available: Gold, Silver and Space Grey.

Ready to buy the Apple iPad 4 Mini? Make sure to get a case / cover with your purchase. You'll be glad you did. If you want to save some money but still get the full Apple experience, the iPad Air 2 is well worth considering. Budget not an issue? Apple iPad Pro is the way to go!

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