Fusion5® 108 10.6 Inch Octa Core Tablet

The Fusion5® 108 is definitely one of the Tablets that offers the best "Bang for your buck" within its price bracket. 10.6 Inch screen means this isn't for those who like the smaller, more concealable devices. It's still very portable, but this is for the people who want maximum viewing area without having to spend iPad Pro (12.9‑Inch) money. Of course, this is not on the level of an iPad Pro, as the price reflects, but for the money it is a very capable and pleasant device to use. As hundreds of users have discovered.

Fusion5® 108 Jedi
Screen colours, viewing angles, and sharpness are really good. It's very easy for newbie tablet users to set up and get up and running quite quickly. The performance is perfect for those who want a smooth experience while performing the tasks most us now do online on a daily basis, like social media, catch up TV, YouTube, emailing, Netflix, browsing the Internet and playing the odd game or two. The touch screen is sensitive and very responsive. It also has adequate build quality, better than average battery life (Could be better considering the batteries high-capacity), and comes with minimal bloatware installed.

The Bare Bones Spec

Android Lollipop comes pre-installed on this device, and can be updated to Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) with minimal fuss. The core specification consists of an A83T Octa Core Processor, 1366 x 768 10.6 Inch IPS display, 2GB RAM, 16GB Internal storage and a 7200mAh battery capacity.

With the 108 you also have dual cameras (2mp front + 5mp back), a Micro SD slot (64GB max), headphone jack, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, and the added benefit of having two internal speakers rather than one (Could be a bit louder). Connectivity is great with the 108. A very convenient full-sized USB port, along with a micro USB and mini HDMI, gives the user many options for connecting whatever device they need to without any hassle.

The 108 is versatile. And while it does have a pretty good A83T Octa Core processor, it also has a respectable GPU (Graphics Processor). This model uses the PowerVR SGX544 GPU. These specifications, coupled with 2GB RAM not only make it a great tablet for watching high-definition films and everyday multi-tasking, but also make it a decent, cost-effective tablet for gaming.

The Core Argument

8 Cores are not necessarily better than 4. In some cases more Cores can mean less battery life and, in some instances, a slower response performance. But this model has DVFS, which stands for Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling. This ultimately helps conserve energy, and allows for faster loading / starting up of programs and processes. Also, when it comes to Processors, let's not forget, many models of Apple iPad are actually Dual Core, and look how well they perform.


There are a few Tablets from Fusion5® which are all very similar to the 108. You have Quad Core models 104 and 104A. Both of them have a 10.1" IPS screen and do have built-in GPS. The Octa Core 108 does not have GPS, but it does have the bigger, higher resolution screen. If GPS is a feature you need, then the 104 or 104A would be the more suitable device.If you're looking for a Windows based tablet from this brand, a good model worth considering is the FWIN232.


It's closest competitor, other than it's own family members (As talked about above), is the NeoCore E1. Similarly priced and sharing some of the same features, they are comparable to each other. Both are at the top of the tree for the price point, and it will come down to personal preference as to which one you end up purchasing. Do you want a glass screen rather than plastic, and a higher amount of maximum SD storage space (up to 200GB), go with the E1. Looking for the biggest viewing area, although not by much, go for the 108. You can't go far wrong with either model considering the price. And the warranty offered by both Fusion5® and NeoCore just seals the deal.

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