Yuntab E706 Seven Inch Phablet

Yuntab E706 Seven Inch Phablet
Yuntab Tablets have been mentioned here a few times. They are very cheap to buy, and middle of the road when it comes to performance. One Yuntab that hasn't been talked about here is the E706. It's a Phablet / Tablet hybrid that's fitted with dual SIM card slots. So amongst other phone functions, such as using your phones data to connect to the Internet, it can also be used to make and take phone calls. Other than that it also doubles up as a pretty good Tablet for general everyday usage. Making it a great, cost-effective Christmas stocking filler. Take a look at the latest model.

It has quite a strange specification. On the downside, the Android Lollipop operated E706 only has 8GB of internal storage space, the standard low quality dual cameras, and a low (But IPS) screen resolution. But aside from those mediocre features it is packing quite a good specification considering the price. Regarding the 8GB of storage, a 32GB SD Card is so cheap to buy these days that it makes sense to just buy one straight away with your purchase. 32GB is the maximum amount of additional storage this Phablet can hold. Need a device with a much bigger storage capacity? Take a look at the 400GB Neocore E1.

The Yuntab E706 has an A7 Quad Core Processor running at 1.3GHz. 1GB RAM also helps it chug along rather smoothly when performing general tasks. Surprisingly, this model also has a Quad Core Graphics Processor, so it's actually quite a good device for video related activities (Netflix, YouTube, Catch up TV) and even gaming to a certain extent. Excellent device for travelling with. It's capable, easy to live with, and if you lose it, or it gets damaged, it's very cheap and easy to replace.

Build quality is rather nice, and it has the added bonus of being 3G compatible. Furthermore, we see other features which we have come to expect from a device like this. Such as GPS, a Micro SD card slot, Micro USB port, Bluetooth and a 3.5mm headphone jack. This model works with Sky Go. For some reason this Phablet is more highly regarded in Canada than it is in the UK. It's no iPad Mini, but for the price this is a Phabulous little deal.

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