Linx 12V64 12 Inch Tablet Review

The Linx range of tablets offer a good overall computing experience and an affordable price tag. Some have better reviews than others. The Linx 12V64 has one of the largest high-definition screens to date. It appears that Linx are trying hard to keep up with current demand, where some people now want a bigger tablet in order to work more easily and efficiently. And to be able to have a better experience when doing things like watching movies and playing games. Due to the larger screen (@1920 x 1200), the Linx 12V64 does offer the best of both worlds. In terms of being able to perform work related tasks with ease, other than screen size, it is the external keyboard which plays a vital role in making this possible.

But, apart from the twelve-inch screen (12.2" to be exact), what does the 12V64 have that other Linx models, such as the 1010, 1010B (keyboard bundle), 1020 and 10V series don't have. Well, firstly, it is one of the very latest models, so that alone gives it a revamp in terms of being the most up to date and hopefully having any minor issues present in earlier models resolved. It also has the more impressive spec sheet. But as far as the core features go, they are all fairly similar. Especially the 10V32 and 10V64.

They all operate on Windows 10, but design wise, the 12V64 does seem to be a bit more sleek and refined. It is thicker than previous models and the keyboard is much slimmer. The build quality is right on the money. Screen clarity, colouring and sharpness are definitely above average for this price point. Weighing in at not much under 1KG, It's not really a super lightweight machine. But taking the increased dimensions into consideration, that weight is well-distributed and adds to the quality and substantial feel of the device.

As the name tells us, this model does have a better specification than the others. The 12 stands for the screen size and the 64 represents the amount of internal storage space (eMMC) and the Windows operating system version (this one is 64 bit) that the device comes with. There is also a "32" model which has 32GB storage space and runs the 32 bit version of Windows 10 (Home). This will read as 12V32. So be aware of that if you want the more advanced, but also more expensive 64. Also worth watching out for, there are two different RAM choices. One comes with 2GB RAM and the other has 4GB RAM. Obviously, more RAM will help ensure better multi-tasking ability and smoothness, but even the 2GB model is a very capable machine.

It performs well, and the keyboard that is supplied with each model is very thin and really nice to use. Although it would have been nice if the keys were protruding more. But that's more of a personal preference rather than a design fault. The trackpad is very responsive and the back stand makes easy work of being able to angle the device to resemble a laptop. Although, don't think you'll be able to sit back in a chair with the Linx on your lap (tablet + keyboard attached) and expect to use it like a laptop. See the pictures, the stand really needs a flat surface to be effective.


Overall, this is a good, very portable, two-in-one device that can mix it up rather well. The Quad Core Intel Atom X5 (Z8300) Processor (1.4GHz) is a competent all-rounder It's great for work related tasks, like using Microsoft Excel, Word and Access, but equally just as good when it comes to all things entertainment. Apps, catch up TV, Internet browsing and Gaming. And when you consider the price when compared to the other, more lower specification Linx tablets, the extra money you pay does seem worth it.

Someone said they picked a 12V64 up from Sainsbury's (UK) for £200, which is an excellent deal. Don't build you're hopes up. Although I am not 100% certain, I don't think this special offer is still running. However, if you do happen to see the offer still live at your local Sainsbury's, snap one up fast. The 12V64 is considerably more expensive everywhere else online and on the high-street. For what few reviews there are for this model so far on Amazon, they are all positive. So that's a good early sign.

The micro SD slot can hold an additional 200GB of storage. This is great, but its nothing new. Some tablets costing less than half the price of the 12V are already capable of this. Such as the Neocore E1. Battery duration has always been a concern for Linx tablets, but so far reports claim that the one built into this model does retain its power to a respectable standard. The average duration, per full charge, is penciled in at around seven hours. Of course, this is widely dependant on the user and how demanding they are.

Other than all the usual features that come on tablets these days, It also benefits from having a full-sized USB port (also micro USB ports), and a Micro HDMI. Twin speakers and dual cameras are present. Of course, it has WiFi, Bluetooth and a 3.5mm headphone jack. Will it replace your laptop. Maybe for some people, yes. Compared to a full-sized laptop it is lightweight. Some are comparing this model to the Surface Pro 4. It is comparable in many ways, but there are quite a few reasons why the Pro 4 costs a lot more to buy.

Summed up in one sentence, it is finished to an extremely high standard and a level above when it comes to performance. However, for the money (far less than the Pro 4) the 12V is a capable and very versatile device, and I can clearly see why some are making the comparison. A good 2 in 1 for early 2017. Another twelve-inch 2 in 1 possibly on the way soon is from the brand RCA. So keep a look out for that also.


Alex said...

I thought it was great (value) too. Until I bought one for nearly £290 and expected it to last more than two weeks. It didn't. I do look after my gadgets, tools and toys but this thing really is poorly and cheaply made. It will returned tonight and after the refund I will allocate another hundred quid or so and get a proper machine to do the job.

Robert King said...

I broke my screen on my linx 12 v 64 12inch tablet and cant get it repaired I feel cheated because I liked the practical use of this computer but don't understand why it has no parts available because of this I will no longer by or recommend this product to any one that I know.

Ray Riley said...

I had my linx12v32 on charge for 2days it's only showing half full do I need a new battery this is a refurbishment unit thanks xray

CT said...

Hey Ray, sounds like the cells inside the battery are pretty much knackered. This is a sure sign of an old battery that's been recharged potentially hundreds of times, and now just can't hold a charge anymore. Linx batteries have had problems in the past with wearing out too quickly, but it was thought to have been resolved on newer models like the 12v32. However, this could potentially be part of the issue.

Do I need a new battery? It really depends how you use the device. If you're using it at home, you have the option of either leaving it plugged in constantly on charge, or having it unplugged and needing to recharge it much more often because the battery has had its day.

If you recently bought this device as refurbished and haven't had your moneys worth in terms of usage, I would most definitely be sending it back. Sounds like you have been sold a tablet that needs a battery replacement. This should have been replaced when the Linx 12V32 was being "refurbished", but it appears they haven't done so. And to be honest, there's no excuse for this because the people doing the refurbishing are easily able to run health tests to determine what the current cell state inside the battery is. I hope they resolve the issue quickly for you if you decide to send it back. Thanks.