NPOLE 7" IPS Quad Core Kids Tablet

We're always on the lookout for the next best tablet. And with a big majority of tablets for Kids lacking where quality and specification are concerned, we were excited to come across one that can compete with some the Fusion5® models made specifically for children. The NPOLE 7 Inch has great reviews and offers really good value for money. Once powered up, the instant attention grabber is how sharp and clear the screen quality is. Being IPS, and with a respectable PPI, this is not your average washed out, low resolution display that we see so consistently in kids tablets, this one is very similar to what you will find in an adults tablet costing under £100.


A huge selection of games and Apps, ranging from learning, puzzles and character based come installed and ready to use. Being Android based, you also have the ability to download any other App(s) you may want your child to use via Google Play.

Parental Controls

iWawa software installed on the device provides excellent parental controls, including the option to time-lock the tablet so that your child can only use the device for a set period of time. This is a great feature for concerned parents who don't want their child using the tablet for too long. Each session can be controlled. Not by only limiting duration either, but also censored so that the child only see's what's suitable for their age range. Disable iWawa (password protected by an adult) and the NPOLE 7 Inch can be used just like a normal Android based device.

NPOLE Features

Responsive touch screen (Multi-touch) and feature rich for the price, the bare bones consist of the Android Kit Kat Operating System, a Quad Core Processor @1.3GHz (per core), 1GB RAM and 8GB Internal storage. A Micro USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, Micro SD slot, internal speaker, standard Dual Cameras, WiFi and Bluetooth.



One downfall is the 8GB of internal storage space, of which just over 4GB is available to use. The rest is taken up by the operating system and additional software. At this price some aspects have to be sacrificed a little. Not to worry though, it's easy to add more storage space if needed by adding a micro SD card to the slot. This model can house an extra 32GB (max).

The Processor, although no heavy hitter, is adequate for a device such as this. It can handle the running of several tasks at once, but don't push things too far or you may experience some lag / issues with responsiveness. While it should be a bit better, the battery life is fairly average at around 3 - 4 hours from a full charge. There are two charging methods. USB cable or mains adapter (both included). A good mix of colours for boys and girls, like Pink, Blue, Purple and Green are available. And each one comes complete with its own matching protective case. The case has a handy little back stand (pictured above) and also a loop so the child can attach a string / cord and place it around their neck.

This is shown in one of the promotional images for the NPOLE, but it is not recommended to be used in such a manner, as it looks like it has the potential to be dangerous. Anything that goes around a kids neck like that can be a hazard. Even more so for younger kids. With that out the way, all things considered, this is a great device for 3 - 10 year olds. With not much else to contend with, other than the Fusion5® KD077 and a few others, this is definitely one of the best at this cheap price point.

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