DJC Touchtab6 Lite 8" 4G Phablet Review

Just like with the rest of the tablets / phablets that sit within this budget price zone, you get a sobering mix of good and not so good features. The DJC Touchtab6 Lite 8" 4G is a perfect example of this. Many of the yes or no questions I see getting asked across the hundreds of tablet / phablet product listings can actually be answered with a Yes if they are asked about for this particular model. Things like, is the screen IPS, does it have 4G, can I put my SIM card inside, and am I able to use it as a SAT NAV. The answer to all these questions is yes. It's not perfect by any means (read about that below), but considering the price, and what it can be used for, it's definitely a contender. Reviews are widely positive.

DJC Touchtab6 Phablet
The White 8 Inch DJC Touchtab6 Lite

Resembling a Samsung Smartphone that's been stretched, the DJC Touchtab6 Lite 8 Inch comes equipped with Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating System, 1200 x 800 IPS Glass Screen, Media Tek Quad Core 1.5GHz Processor, 1GB RAM (DDR3), 8GB Internal storage space, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, 4G (and 3G compatible), two SIM card slots (mini size), SD Card slot, Micro USB port, 3.5mm headphone jack, built in microphone, loudspeaker, dual cameras, and a fairly standard 6 hour battery life. A free pair of ear phones are also included. The Tab6 Lite is confirmed to be compatible with OneNote and SkyGo, so that will be good news for those who have had trouble getting them working on other machines. Particularly SkyGo.

A Real Phablet?

The main strengths, or differences about the DJC Touchtab6 Lite 8" that sets it apart from the many pretenders, is that it really can function just like a mobile phone, with the ability to handle data, voice and text. Of course, you will have tweak the settings to cater for your particular carrier, but this is not hard to execute. It's unlocked to all the major UK networks so you should have no problem getting it quickly up and running with your SIM inside. With it also having the advantage of GPS, the Touchtab6 Lite is capable of being used as a fully functional SAT NAV, making it a really good travelling companion.

These are a few of the features that stand out the most as to why the Touchtab6 Lite not only makes a good, budget priced all-rounder, but suits people who are constantly on the go and need a cheap, versatile device to remain connected while on the move. The Touchtab6 Lite is definitely a viable option for those who work away from home and want to use it mainly for phone related communications, Satellite Navigation, and entertainment / Internet browsing. Add an external keyboard (not included in the standard package) and you have a decent little 2-in-1 Hybrid.

Things to take into consideration

First, let's just take into account that this is a cheap tablet, and what you get for the money, like the features touched upon above, make this model a good deal for the price. And just like every other tablet / phablet out there, they all have a few weak points / areas of concern. Especially the cheaper models. There's always a compromise or two that must be made.

With that said, the first thing that's not so good with the Touchtab6 Lite is the screen quality. While not completely terrible by any stretch of the imagination, but even with it having a 1200 x 800 resolution, it is still borderline average when compared to some of the other models in the same category. But make no mistake, it's still perfectly usable.

The Touchtab6 Lite does not have a HDMI port. However, you can still use cast screen if you have a compatible device to cast to, such as a Smart TV. Considering that a good chunk of the internal 8 Gigabytes will be used up instantly to cater for the Android 6.0 Operating System, the 8GB of internal storage space is an area of concern for some people due to the fact that the buyer will need to purchase an SD card fairly quickly after buying the device. Fair enough, SD cards are cheap, and a 32GB card won't break the bank, but it is an added expense that will put a small number of potential buyers off.

Furthermore, also worth taking into account with such a small amount of internal storage is the issue that some machines have with permissions, where they have a hard time saving and running Apps / software from an external source, like an SD card. In all cases this can be worked around, but it does require a little bit of time and some know-how. And the truth is, most buyers understandably won't want the hassle if they can avoid it.

This is certainly not a deal-breaker by any means, but with a bigger internal storage capacity from the get-go, it takes considerably longer to get to the stage of needing to run applications from an external source (SD Card). And if you use the built-in space wisely, even with just 16GB, that's well over 10GB to play with the operating system installed, you should have more than enough space to have a large number of applications installed and ready to use at your disposal, then be able to use an external memory card to store other files like photos and films.


There are over 150 consumer reviews for the DJC Touchtab6 8" Lite on Amazon UK (older generation)

There are conflicting reports regarding the microphones quality. Some people say its excellent, while others claim its not very good. Same about the capacity of external storage space it can hold. DJC state it can hold up to an additional 32GB via the SD slot. But some users have inserted 64GB cards and they have worked fine. There's even a few reports of people adding 128GB SD cards and experiencing no system rejection or problems accessing / storing files when the card is near full capacity.

Potential Issues

Like so many other competing products, the standard poor quality dual cameras, 0.3 mp front and 2 mp rear are present in this device. The customers who score this phablet one star on Amazon all seem to experience the same, or very similar problems. That the device is too slow and lethargic. Then there's a few that say, for them, the device has generally been unreliable, with some loss of connection(s) here and there, system freezing / lock-up and installation issues with certain software programs that were supposedly compatible.

But it should be noted that with all devices, regardless of the brand, there will be a few that slip through the quality control net and have issues. That applies across the whole tablet / phablet marketplace. Just take a look at the reviews of any model with over 50 reviews, and sort by one and two star reviews to see evidence of this.

Overall, although slightly limited in terms of connectivity (Ports / USB's, etc), and not having the greatest display out the bunch, the Tab6 Lite is definitely worth considering if you want to own a true phablet, that really works, at a very respectable price.

There is also a non-lite version of the DJC Touchtab6. This non-lite model, while still having the same 8 Inch screen size of it's little brother, is a device that boasts a higher specification in terms of screen quality (Retina), storage space and power. It is more expensive than the Lite version and does have some serious competition on its hands from the many well known, established brands that dominate the same category. Such as Samsung, Lenovo, ASUS and Huawei.

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