NeoCore N1F 10 Inch Tablet Quick Review

As well as other NeoCore models, there have been a few NeoCore N1's reviewed on this website over the last few years. And they've all been impressive. See the previous model. The new NeoCore N1F (N1F16) appears to follow that trend nicely. It has an amazing specification for the price. Fully updatable Android 6.0 Marshmallow Operating System, 10.1 Inch IPS 1024 x 600 Display, 64-bit Quad Core A53 Processor @ 1.3GHz, 16GB Internal storage, 1GB RAM (DDR3), WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Micro USB port, Mini HDMI, Micro SD slot, dual cameras, built-in microphone, loudspeaker, 3.5mm headphone jack and a very impressive battery life.


This model also has an anti-slip back casing, which is something more and more brands are now starting to adopt. This probably has something to do with the amount of damaged tablets being returned after accidentally slipping out the hands of the user.

The N1F's WiFi is Dual Band. This means that it is compatible with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies. However, to take full advantage of this you will need a router that has the ability to operate on both frequencies. These are more common these days, so the chances are, if you've had a new router recently, it could very well be Dual Band.

Only a few tablets in this price range can hold as much external storage space as the N1F. This model can hold a massive 256GB of extra storage space via the SD card. That's great news for game / movie hogs. Again, among its competitors there's not many who can claim to have a 13 hour battery life. Of course, the battery duration depends hugely on how demanding you are with the tablet, but if we narrow it down to combine a mixed variation of usage, an approximate estimation would be a battery duration of between 7 - 9 hours from a full charge. Expect something around that length of time and you won't be disappointed.

Just like with the rest of NeoCore's offerings, a 2 year warranty comes as part of the package with the 5th Generation N1F, which is crazy value for money if you consider the low price and limited profit margin NeoCore must actually make on each device.

You know when a product is in high demand. At the time of writing this quick review the NeoCore N1F was available to pre-order. By the time I'd finished writing this post it was completely sold out. However, checking back on the listing page, I can see that there are a few now for sale again. So, if you're dead-set on wanting to purchase this 5th Generation of the N series, be quick. If you didn't manage to grab an N1F while there were a few still available, another NeoCore tablet well worth considering is the excellent, very highly rated E1 model.

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Anonymous said...

I have N1F for over 3 months now and this is an excellent tablet, not the fastest one but for the price I paid is just superb and has a nice screen too.