Kindle Oasis IPX8 Waterproof e-Reader

Here we have the latest model (9th Generation) 7 Inch Kindle Oasis E-reader, which is due to be released on 31st October 2017. Hitting the online shelves conveniently in time for the run up to Christmas. You can however Pre-order this item (Now you can buy) today to avoid waiting and risking it being sold out when the release date finally comes around. And with the release date basically being the start of November, due to the Christmas rush, a quick sell-out is a distinct possibility.


At this point reviews for this latest model Kindle Oasis are few and far between, but if we go on previous Kindle models, and include Amazon's Fire Tablet range, it's safe to say that Amazon mostly always produce a great product. The new Kindle 7" Oasis Waterproof E-reader appears to be no exception. It's gone back to the drawing board and has had its most significant revamp to date.

This model boasts the biggest Kindle reading display so far. Not only that, it's incredibly thin at just over one third of a centimetre. The back casing is made of aluminium, which gives the device a high quality feel. Amazon claim the glass is the toughest they have used so far on a Kindle device. I'm yet to see that truly put to the test, so can't confirm exactly how tough it is. The same high resolution screen that some of the earlier models are kitted out with is present in this device. Other features quickly worth mentioning are that its waterproof to the IPX8 standard (read more about that + more features below), has an excellent battery life, and comes with more built-in storage space than any of the previous models as standard. Overall, a much improved device.

3 different models are available. Depending on what features you need, and how much you have to spend, the standard issue model comes with 8GB internal storage + WiFI. The other two each have 32GB internal storage and WiFi, with the only difference between them being the more expensive model has the advantage of coming with free 3G. This is a great option for those who travel and want to be able to download books on the go, no matter where they may be located.

Kindle 7" Oasis Waterproof E-reader Quick Specification

  • 7 Inch High-Resolution 300 ppi Screen
  • Adaptive auto brightness technology
  • Glare-free / LED backlit display
  • Aluminium back casing
  • Built-In Audible (listen to audio books!)
  • Waterproof to the IPX8 (60529 rating) standard
  • Touchscreen + Page turn buttons
  • Super lightweight (weighs under 200 grams)
  • Extremely long battery life
  • Prime member privileges
  • 8GB standard or 32GB internal storage space options
  • Bluetooth Audio compatible
  • Micro-USB port
  • Free 3G (Most expensive model only)
  • WiFi

The IPX8 waterproof standard is varied. This means that what it can withstand in terms of depth and water exposure time is not set in stone. It's made by the manufacturer of each specific device and must be stated. The latest Kindle 7" Oasis E-reader is set to be able to withstand being submerged in water to a depth of two meters for a maximum duration of 1 hour. Very impressive.

Other than being excellent where spillages are concerned, waterproofing makes the new Oasis a great outdoor device, and allows it to be used in places where previous models would have more than likely perished. Bad weather conditions, such as heavy rain are not going to pose much of a threat. You could even read with the new Oasis in the bath with no worries about it getting splashed, or worse, accidentally dropped in the bath. If this happens, turn it off, wash it down with clean water and dry thoroughly before turning it back on.

Please note: The water limits stated are referring to submergence in fresh water, not salt water. Salt water is much more electrically conductive / corrosive and weighs more than fresh water, so no guarantees are made by Amazon in relation to how long the device can last in more extreme conditions, such as being submerged in salt water for prolonged periods of time. So its best to avoid salt water, and any exposure to liquids all together if possible to be on the safe side.

With the advantage of it being waterproof also comes with a few drawbacks. The unit is quite rightly sealed to prevent water penetration. Due to this, there is no 3.5mm headphone jack or internal loudspeaker. However, the new Kindle Oasis is compatible with Bluetooth add-ons like Bluetooth wireless headphones and external speakers, so they can be used as suitable substitutes.

The 9th Generation Kindle comes with a USB lead and one years limited warranty. Be sure to read the warranty details regarding what's covered and what isn't to avoid disappointment in the event that you should need to send the device back for whatever reason.

Not a Kindle user, but thinking about becoming one? With the release of the new Kindle almost upon us, it makes sense to keep an eye on the other models, which will more than likely be going down in price. So, if you're thinking about buying a Kindle, but don't want to shell out the kind of money Amazon are asking for their latest additions (it is rather expensive for a newbie), the release date, or in fact the run up to Xmas would be a good time to buy a cheaper model, like the Paperwhite or Voyage. If you want to see a comparison between these 3 models, take a look at the post on Pocket-Lint. Want to find out more and see more images of the new Oasis? Check out the hands on review from Techradar.