How To Remove Android Keyboard History

How do you remove / delete Android Lollipop OS keyboard history. Although now considered as slightly dated as far as Operating Systems go, Android Lollipop still remains one of the best and most stable of all the Android OS versions, past and present. Even now in 2018, It's also still one of the most widely used.


As with anything Android based, the Lollipop interface is extremely easy to use. However, some of the back end settings and functions could have been worded better so that a laymen can understand how to perform certain tasks. This is the case with clearing the history. The procedure (what you need to click) is not exactly spelt out in easy to decipher computer language in terms of understanding that what you are clicking is going to end up reaching the desired conclusion. Anyway, it's easy enough once you know how. So here it is

How To Remove Android Lollipop OS Keyboard History

  • Tap the settings (cog) icon
  • Choose "Language & Input"
  • Select "Android Keyboard Settings (AOSP)"
  • Select "Text Correction"
  • Turn off "Personalised Suggestions"

After you have done the above the keyboard history will not be saved any more. But be aware that predictive text is still activated. If you want to reverse this action because you only wanted to delete a specific search term on a once only basis (re-enable the saving of what's typed in), all you have to do is go through the above sequence again and just turn ON "Personalised Suggestions".

When keyboard history retention is not turned off, or not cleared, once the user starts to type something in, by default Android will automatically throw up previously typed in phrases and searches as suggestions based on what has been typed into the keyboard in the past. This can be a real privacy issue if you are using a shared device. or let someone borrow it as a favour.

Reasons for deletion vary, but it could be something as innocent as buying a surprise gift for someone that you want to keep it a secret from, or you just find it an annoyance that someone else's search terms keep presenting themselves every time you type a word or letter in. However, in many cases, it can be very embarrassing too.

Because let's face it, with online searches relating to porn rising year after year, not just in the UK, but world wide (That goes for searches by both males and females - Yes, much research has been done), it's very plausible that a lot of people who want to remove their search / keyboard history are doing so because their previously stored keyword searches will be related to porn. For many individuals, this is a very private topic, and for some, it could even get them into trouble with their other half.

Most users aren't aware that this information is actually being saved until they see search terms they'd forgotten about being suggested to them, then I imagine that's the time to quickly scramble over to the Internet and find out how to resolve the issue. Whatever the reasoning, I hope it was resolved here. Look out for future "How To" posts coming soon on Computer Tablets, as they will be added more frequently going forward.

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