Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Specs UK

If you're a resident of the UK, and you've been watching some TV lately, I'm sure you must have seen the three Samsung advertisements that have been coming on one after the other that show the 3 new products Samsung are releasing on dates that are very close to each other. First one is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Smartphone, the other is the Galaxy Smart Watch, and the third is, of course, the new Galaxy Tab S4. First impressions are that it's a great 2-in-1 with a very respectable specification.

Had you visited a few of the Amazon listings for the "S4", you would have probably been quite disappointed to see that there are already some bad reviews. Well there's no need to be concerned. It's basically a mistake. Some buyers, who bought an older model have left negative reviews on a listing. The listing in question has been updated in preparation for the new S4 (SM-T830NZKABTU).

But now the listing for the new model looks unfairly tarnished. Don't be put off, those negative reviews are not about the new model set to be released on 24th August 2018. I mean, how can they be when it hasn't even been released yet.

Update: This model is now released and for sale: You can order the S4 from Amazon UK, or pre-order the latest Galaxy Tab S5e SM-T720 (UK Amazon Release - April 19th 2019)

The screen quality has always been beautiful on the Galaxy Tabs, very clear and crisp. The new S4 seems to be no different with its Super AMOLED display. It's 2-in-1 capabilities are taken to the next level thanks to the very clever design of the external keyboard (sold separately), and the addition of DeX.

This makes the device a true workhorse, giving it much more versatility where productivity and potentially, where external connections are concerned. As well as other external products, you can hook the new S4 up to an external monitor and turn the device into a full blown desktop computer. You will need to buy compatible HDMI connections and DeX leads if you want this functionality, but they are readily available to purchase. There are so many other great features of the Galaxy Tab S4 worth mentioning. Read the quick the spec list below.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 (SM-T830NZKABTU) Specification

  • 10.5 Inch Super AMOLED (2560 x 1600) Display
  • Samsung Exynos 2.35GHz Octa Core Processor
  • Android 7.0 Nougat Operating System
  • 4GB RAM + 64GB Internal storage space (expandable to 400GB)
  • Dual WiFi + Bluetooth 5.0 + GPS
  • 4 AKG Enhanced Speakers (Dolby ATMOS)
  • Dual Cameras (8 megapixel front + 13 megapixel back with flash)
  • Face Recognition + Iris Scanner + Fingerprint Scanner
  • Improved S Pen
  • USB 3.1
  • MicroSD Slot
  • Headphone Jack
  • Bixby Vision and Bixby Voice
  • Weighs under 500 grams
  • Large 7300 mAh Battery Capacity

The battery offers approximately 10 - 15 hours of continuous usage, such as browsing the Internet or watching films. Standby time is around a week. There's also a model which has 256GB of internal storage space and Android 8.0, Oreo (in black or grey), but that version appears to not be for sale in the UK at this moment. In the USA, this model is already selling like hotcakes. Perhaps after the official UK release comes and goes we will see the better spec models make an appearance.

The standard spec model is great, and early reports are positive. But while the tablet alone seems excellent, to get the most out of this device, the external add-ons are required. In particular, the external keyboard and mouse. After all, those are what really give the device it's laptop / portable desktop capabilities for those wanting to work while on the move, or people generally looking for a new do-it-all 2-in-1.

However, they are sold separately and will bump up the final cost considerably. After the initial hype there may be cheaper keyboard / mouse bundle packages available, so keep an eye out for those over the coming months. For individuals who aren't really bothered about the keyboard and just want the latest Samsung to tablet around with, The new S4 seems to be a real winner. You can either Pre-order now or wait until the official release date. Looking for an older, tried and tested Samsung Tab - Take a look at the Galaxy S2.

Huawei MediaPad T3 7 Android 6.0 Review

There's bad news for companies who operate in the technology sector that specialise in bringing the cheaper priced, inferior quality tablets to market. The bad news is, now, more and more of the really big tech brands have merged into this space, so you no longer need to risk buying a cheap tablet from a brand that no ones ever heard of. You can just as easily buy a low priced Tablet from one of the more trusted and reliable brands, such as Samsung, Lenovo, and of course, Huawei. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the excellent Huawei MediaPad T3 7".


Fair enough, the T3 7 Inch is basically one of the smallest, entry level models of the whole "T" and "M" range of tablets offered by Huawei. But don't be fooled by its entry-level label. Reviews are mostly excellent. The specification, and overall quality, will leave you in no doubt that even Huawei's least expensive model is far better than almost all the other unknown brands that cost considerably more to buy. And for the tablets that cost the same, well, there aren't very many worth mentioning other than the few models offered by Alba, and the Amazon Fire 7.

But truth be told, while the Amazon Fire is a pretty good device, the Fire 7 has many complaints, and a lot of them are down to how everything is kept "in-house" so to speak, and how aggressive Amazon are in the way they serve ads on the device. It's all about the upsell with the Fire 7, as in getting users to purchase other products. "Special Offers". One example being additional cloud storage space. You can of course opt out of receiving these "special offers", or annoying ads as most people refer to them, but this will cost you money. I believe it is around £10, or $15 for an Ad-Free Fire 7. Anyway, enough about that.

For fans of the pocket sized seven inch models, the T3 7" offers great portability, and features a fairly impressive spec. The back of this model has an aluminium casing, which adds a bit more quality to the finish.

Huawei MediaPad T3 7" (BG2-W09) Quick Specification

  • Cool space grey aluminium back shell casing
  • Sharp and clear 7 Inch IPS (170 PPI) 1024 x 600 Screen
  • Mediatek (MT8127) 1.3 GHz Quad Core Processor
  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow with EMUI 4.1 interface
  • 1GB RAM + 16GB Internal storage space (an additional 128GB can be added)
  • Dual Cameras: 2 megapixel Front - 2megapixel back
  • MALI-450 Graphics Processor (GPU)
  • Decent speaker quality (Only 1 speaker)
  • Dual WiFi capable (2.4Ghz + 5Ghz)
  • 3100mAh battery (respectable duration depending on user demands)
  • Micro SD card slot
  • GPS compatibility
  • Bluetooth
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Parental controls
  • Lightweight
  • 2 Year guarantee

Things To Be Aware Of

Given the price, there really isn't much worth complaining about with the T3 7. I even feel a bit bad writing a "Things to be aware of" section because this is a cracking tablet for the price. Especially when you take into consideration what its competition has to offer. Yes, the Neocore's (Latest model) and Fusion5's 108 model, are good cheap tablets. But they are not really comparable here because the T3 7 is cheaper to buy than basically any model that those two brands sell. Not in used condition either, but brand new in the box. But, in their defence, they are bigger sized tablets, so will naturally be more expensive.

Anyway, here goes with the things to be aware of. The Mediatek MT8127 Processor is decent for a device in this price range, and will be able to do all the usual things like watch movies, stream, browse social media, read e-books and surf the Internet. But due to the minimal 1GB RAM, if you have too much open at once the device can start to lag a little. But this is the case with most devices that only have 1GB RAM and a decent but rather standard Quad Core Processor. So its nothing new with the T3 7. As long as you are mindful, and don't have too many Apps, web browser tabs and other programs running all at once, it will operate just fine. However, be aware that this is no gaming tablet.

There is some bloatware installed, of which some can be easily removed. And the screen, while sharp and crisp for such a low cost device, don't expect an Apple quality display from this device that is basically a fraction of the price to buy brand new. Minimal reports of a few faulty devices, with issues consisting of slow to respond touch screens, the device being quite slow to respond on occasion, and a few complaints regarding App compatibility.

The micro USB port is used for charging the device only. and can not be used to transfer data. A big majority of the 16GB internal storage space is taken up by the operating system + other programs and files, so you will need to purchase a SD card almost instantly.

Also, the lack of an easily readable (written too small) manual or instructions in the box has made some customers annoyed. This is quickly resolved by the user guide / manual being available to view or download online.

Looking for the quick start and full user guides? 

You can download them here from the official Huawei website. Overall, the T3 7" is an excellent device. Just read through the hundreds of great reviews for confirmation of this. You'll be hard pressed to find another device which costs the same as the Huawei T3 7" that can compete. Super value for those on a tight budget.