OYYU T11 Tablet / Phablet Review

OYYU-T11-Black-UK-ReviewOYYU T11 Tablet / Phablet Review. Well, not really a full review, but more of a general talk about the Oi You! I mean OYYU. Compared to the leading brands it competes with, this one is largely unknown in comparison. That's also evident from the amount of reviews in both text and video form for the OYYU T11. There's not many out there. Overall, for the price, it's not a actually too bad of a tablet. One of the main reasons people will consider buying the T11 over the many other tablets at the same price point, is because of its dual SIM capability.

So essentially, this is a Phablet, which means it can also work just like a 2G mobile phone, or 3G compatible Smartphone. Please note: It takes a standard size SIM card(s) and both slots can't work simultaneously on 3G at the same time.

OYYU T11 Tablet Simple Specification

However, there is a lot more to this device than just the Phablet feature. It's actually quite a good all-rounder. The 10.1 Inch IPS screen is nice and clear and has good viewing angles, touch screen is responsive, and the MediaTek (MTK8321) Quad Core Processor @ 1.3Ghz is fairly capable. Android 7.0 Nougat comes pre-installed and there's 16GB of internal storage to play with. But only 11GB of that will be free to use due to the rest being taken up by the Operating System and other software that comes installed on the device, which is minimal.

1GB RAM is all the T11 has, and sadly with tablets, this can't be easily upgraded. 1GB RAM is adequate for general everyday use for the usual things like YouTube, watching films, Internet browsing and social media, but it's probably not enough for medium to heavy gaming. Battery life is decent, lasting around a day depending on how demanding on resources the user is.
Of course, the T11 also has WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5mm headphone jack, GPS, Micro SD slot (can hold up to an extra 32GB) and a Micro USB Port.
Build quality is average. Two speakers are present in this device, and they are quite poor quality as stated by users of the device (as they are on most devices that sit within the same low-budget range), especially when it comes to the maximum volume level. This is reported as being low compared to other tablets within the same price range. The Dual cameras are pretty standard, offering 2 mega pixels each (front facing and rear).

OYYU Phablet Verdict

Decent little workhorse, equipped with something that so many people now want because most people own a Smartphone with Data. The Phablet feature is really the T11's main selling point. Everything else on this device can be found in tablets that cost even less to buy. And due to the fact that you can now buy a Samsung, Lenovo, or Huawei tablet for around the same money outlay, It is tough to recommend this model over those mentioned if you're someone who doesn't desperately need to use the Phablet features this device offers.

 For literally Ten - Twenty Five Pounds more than this model costs, you can get a tablet, like a Neocore E1 (Link), DJC Touchtab6 Lite 8 (SIM card slot present and 4G compatible) or a Huawei 53018680 MediaPad T3 8". All of which have 2GB RAM, better or similar Processors, and the ability to hold a much larger additional SD card storage maximum. The maximum of 32GB the OYYU T11 has is very low when you consider that its competitors can hold anywhere between an extra 128GB - 256GB of storage space. While the T11 isn't a bad device overall, the competition is just too good to really, honestly recommend it over the models and brands mentioned above.

Furthermore, there's other models offered by brands such as Samsung and Lenovo that I didn't even mention. Even some of the models offered by Alba are decent enough to be considered (Read a review here). So much choice from the big brands makes the T11's drawbacks potential deal-breakers. Unless you need one of the cheapest Phablets that actually works that is. If not, take a look at what else is on offer. Another Phablet worth taking a look at if you're on a seriously tight budget, is the Tagital 7" MTM-T7N.