6 Of The Best Affordable Tablets 2019

There have been quite a few lists compiled on this website over the course of the last two years. Some of the tablet models included in the old lists are still just as relevant today and continue to receive excellent feedback. But needless to say, with new models coming out all the time, it's time for a quick refresh. So without further ado, with great performance, reliability and value for money at the forefront of the selections, and in no particular order, here are 6 of the best affordable UK tablets for early 2019 and beyond.

Fusion5 F104Bv2

The new Fusion5 10.1 Inch F104Bv2 (104B) is one of the latest offerings from the widely respected UK-based company. It features a sharp IPS 1280 x 800 (multi viewing angle) display, MT8167 (MediaTek) Quad Core Processor @ 1.3GHz, Android 8.1 Oreo Operating System, 1GB RAM (DDR3), 16GB built-in storage space (32GB model also available), standard front and rear cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI slot (Micro), SD memory card slot (additional 128GB max), headphone jack, assisted GPS, good battery life and a USB slot (Micro).
Fusion5 F104Bv2 Quad Core 1.3GHz - 16GB or 32GB model to choose from - Find out more

Great for basically all media consumption, from browsing the Internet, reading (Kindle e-books), YouTube, watching films, social media, light gaming and even work related tasks if you don't mind tackling them with a virtual keyboard. If that's not your thing, you can easily attach an external keyboard (not included).

Overall, this is a fairly standard specification tablet, with most of the usual features seen throughout the many different makes and models. However, sometimes trying to cram in too many features so the spec looks good on paper, or in this case on the screen, is not a good thing and can lead to performance / incompatibility issues. Other than the newer Oreo Operating System, this model keeps it simple. As a result the F104Bv2 remains largely reliable and trouble-free. For those reasons, and with it being one of the cheapest models in this list, it's an excellent purchase. A 1 year warranty is also included at no extra cost.

Lenovo Tab 3 10.1"

Like most of the Lenovo Tab range, the Tab 3 is a great all-rounder. Good build quality, clear IPS screen, better speaker sound quality than many competitor models, capable Qualcomm Snapdragon (APQ8009) 1.3GHz Quad Core Processor and 2GB RAM make the Tab 3 a superb device for those who don't mind spending that little bit more to get the extra boost in overall specification that some of the time can make for a smoother and more enhanced user experience. GooglePlay,YouTube, Netflix, light to medium gaming, streaming, email, browsing the Internet, office work, all mentioned is compatible with this device.


Lenovo Tab 3 Snapdragon (APQ8009) Processor, 2GB RAM - 16GB WiFi or 32GB 4G LTE + WiFi available

Lenovo Tab 3 Quick specification: A clean install of Android 6.0, 1280 x 800 IPS screen, Snapdragon (APQ8009) Processor, 2GB RAM (DDR3), 16GB internal storage, two integrated Dolby speakers, dual cameras (2MP front + 5 mega pixels back) WiFi, Bluetooth, Micro USB port, Micro SD card slot (64GB max), decent battery duration, headphone jack, Smart TV compatible via cast screening, and comes with a 12 month warranty. Want something from the same brand but with a little more computing power? Take a look at the Lenovo Tab 4 10.

Huawei MediaPad T3 8

The whole T range from Huawei is very impressive. There's a model to suit everyone's budget and usage requirements. Quite a few Huawei tablets have already been reviewed on this website, including the T3 7″ and M3 10 Lite. And while both the T and M ranges offer exceptional value for money, from a money-saving point of view, the T range makes more sense to be included on this list as they are considerably cheaper to buy than most of the M models. However, don't let the lower price fool you. The T models still boast some of the absolute best tablets available at their respective price points.
Huawei MediaPad T3 8" Tablet - (Qualcomm Quad-core 1.4GHz, RAM 2GB - Amazon

The Huawei MediaPad T3 8" is certainly one of those. The build quality is really good, high quality and refined. Unlike many tablets which have a plastic back housing, this one is metal (aluminium). And the overall specification is excellent. High Definition 8 Inch 1200 x 800 IPS Screen, Android 7.0 (Nougat) Operating System, Qualcomm MSM8917 Quad Core Processor @ 1.4 GHz, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage space, SD card slot (128GB Max), Dual Cameras, Dual WiFi, Bluetooth, Micro USB Port, one built-in speaker, built-in microphone, long battery life, Microsoft Office and a two-year Huawei warranty. Other features include parental controls, split screen, blue light protection, super dull display option for less eye strain when using the device in dark environments.

Neocore E1 10.1"

This tablet has been on every list featured on this website. And with good reason. Year after year, the E1's latest generation (updated model) has been very progressive. Even today, if you look at the models listed above and below from some of the most well-known brands worldwide, you will see that the E1 still has them beat with certain features.


Check out the latest model of E1 - 400GB SD capacity - Matte Black - Amazon

For example: Most of the models within the same price range can only hold a maximum external storage capacity (on the SD card) of up to 128GB. The latest generation E1 is capable of holding 256GB (Now 400GB with the latest generation). The Operating System is updatable, and the outer screen is made of real glass.

You also get double the warranty length (2 years) that's offered with practically all the other brands (excluding Huawei). Simply put, this is one of the best deals you will find anywhere at around the same price. If you want more information about this model, read a more in-depth review on the E1.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1"

Quite possibly the fastest and most refined tablet on this list. It's basically a Samsung Smartphone that's been stretched. Of course, to get phone related features you will have to buy the 4G / LTE model, which is more expensive. This "review", or general low-down will focus on the cheaper WiFi only model. For those who want a really great basic tablet, that can do most things at a budget price, the Tab A 10.1" is well worth your time and money.


The Tab A has racked up well over 800 reviews on Amazon UK (4.6 out of 5 overall rating)

Excellent screen clarity and resolution (1920 x 1200), respectable Octa Core 1.6 GHz Processor, good battery life, Dual Cameras (front facing 2mp - Back 8mp), WiFi, Bluetooth, 2GB RAM, 32GB internal storage space (just under 25GB available), Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, GPS, Micro SD slot (holds up to 200GB max), Micro USB port (dependant on model year - newer models will have a USB C connector), kids mode and a 1 year warranty.

Fusion5 F704B 7 Inch

The smallest and cheapest on this list. A great mini tablet that's suitable for all types of daily tasks, from work related to entertainment. It's an excellent little tablet with a respectable spec. However, due to its low price, stability and pocket-sized convenience, the F704B makes a great choice at this time of year for those who are looking to buy a present for several people, children or adult, who want something cheap, usable and reliable.

F704B 7
Fusion5 F704B 7 Inch Quick Specification includes: Android 8.1 Oreo Operating System, MediaTek (MT8167) Quad Core Processor, Seven Inch 1024 x 600 IPS (173 PPI) Screen, 1GB RAM, 16GB Built-In Storage, Standard quality Dual Cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, A-GPS (assisted), Micro USB port, Mini HDMI, SD Card slot (max 128GB) and a 12 month warranty.

With everyone being in a last-minute rush as mid December approaches, out of desperation to get the presents out-of-the-way, so many people at this time of year buy the cheapest tablets available as stocking fillers without really looking or caring much about the reviews or reliability information. Needless to say, those super cheap devices don't last very long. With the Fusion5 F704B actually being close to the cost of the really cheap, nasty fly-by-night brands with terrible reviews, it makes a much more sensible purchase, and a longer lasting gift for the person you bought it for. It also comes with a Fusion5 1 year UK-based warranty. Great device for the money.