Apple iPad AIR Retina Tablet Review

Apple-IPad-AIR-16GB-10-Inch-Retina-TabletComputer Tablets don’t come much better than an Apple iPad Air. The quality and feel of this product is second to none. This is not the latest Apple iPad to hit the shelves but it does remain one of the most popular. The Apple iPad Air 2 is available to buy but is sightly more expensive. For the higher price tag attached to the iPad Air 2 you get an iPad that weighs less, and is smaller than the previous model. It also has a longer battery life, a faster processor (A8X), better rear camera, and a few other little upgrades. But unless you’re an Apple nut do you really need to shell out the extra cash.

I mean, how fast does your tablet really need to be. The Apple iPad Air is a seriously fast Tablet already and any upgrade is basically going the extra mile and wanting the absolute latest and greatest iPad out there. Is it needed? Probably not. Got money to spend and want the best Tablet on the market – Go for it. Both are well worth the money. If you want a good Tablet but only want to spend a low amount of money, check out the Fusion 5 Tablets. They are one of the best of the bunch when it comes to the cheap Tablets.

Back to the Original iPad Air Tablet. The cheapest Price for the 16GB version is, at this time, found on Amazon UK. And it’s a real bargain. Customer reviews are superb. If your reading this post I’m sure you are well aware of what the iPad Air is capable of so I doubt I need to explain every feature in great detail. Here is a quick low down of some of the features in case you haven’t already done your homework.

Features + Specification

The Apple iPad Air is an extremely easy to use Tablet device. It’s got a very fast processor chip, we're talking A7 technology here! One of the best there is. It’s called “Air” because it’s so light in weight. The “Retina” in the name is due to the screen resolution and graphics being extra sharp and colourful. Beautiful to look at. So what can you do with an iPad Air?

Well, just about anything. Internet, watch television, movies, take pictures, record video, read books, listen to music, play games, and also edit and create documents with Microsoft Office as it comes with the package included. So you get Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc with the iPad. You also get a boat load of other software included for free with the iPad. Not to mention Apps galore from the apple web store. I think the question is what can’t you do with it. Not much.

Apple Limitations

In saying that, there are a few limitations that you should be made aware of. Like not being able to upgrade the storage capacity. So if you buy the 16GB version that is what you have got unless you upgrade the whole iPad to one with a bigger storage capacity (hard drive). You may be able to get it upgraded by Apple but the price of this would be high. 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB iPad Air Tablets are available.

Internal Storage Space

Depending on what you plan to do with your iPad will determine which you size should buy. If you want it to store big files on like lots of music, pictures and documents then maybe the 64GB or 128GB would be more appropriate. But if you want to use your iPad Air to do all the general tasks, other than use it to store lots of files, then 16GB model should be plenty for most people.

Other limitations include no SD card slot. Although a lead can be bought to get past this small hindrance. Also, there is no USB slot. Everything has to be “In House” so to speak. The App store controls the roost. Printing also has its difficulties as you need to have a printer that has WiFi capabilities in order to print anything from the iPad Air. If you write a lot and plan on doing a lot of typing work on your iPad Air, an External Keyboard might be a good option for you. These are relatively cheap to buy depending on what quality level of keyboard you go for.


All in all the iPad air is not without its little faults and limitations, but in comparison to how good the iPad Air actually is, and how much it is capable of doing, they are relatively minor issues that can mostly be worked around. If you can’t live with the niggles get yourself a decent laptop instead. There are lots available that have excellent specs and customer reviews that fall within the same price range. However, for the price I think most people will choose the iPad Air. Want something smaller, or in fact, miniature. Check out the Apple iPad 4 Mini.

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