Huion 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet Review

Anyone who's looking for a cheap introduction into the world of digital drawing has plenty of choices to choose from when it comes to good, very capable graphics tablets. It's really an excellent time to convert over from paper to digital media. This is artwork on a whole new level. There are so many great drawing tablets up for grabs at very low prices that's it hard to actually make a decision on which one to buy. You won't go far wrong with the entry-level Huion tablets. With that said, this post is about going to about the excellent Huion 1060 Plus model. (Pictured below).

Huion 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet
Again, there are many models worth considering when looking at the 1060 Plus. One is of course the Huion 1060 Pro, and the other two are the Huion DWH69 and the cheapest of the bunch, the Huion 610. If you want to spend the least amount of money possible but still end up with a good graphics tablet, the Huion 610 is probably the best choice. Superb reviews all across the board. But if your budget allows you to stretch a little bit further, the 1060 Pro has some extra features that make it more convenient and well worth the extra bit of cash when Vs the Huion 610. However, then we come to the 1060 Plus (Pro+).

Huion 1060 Plus Drawing Tablet Quick Specification:

  • Total drawing space: Ten Inches by 6.¼ Inches
  • 8GB Internal storage space
  • Twelve express keys
  • 16 function keys
  • Rechargeable Pen
  • 5080 LPI (Lines per Inch) Resolution
  • Report rate of 233 RPS (How fast the tablet reads data)
  • Pressure Sensitivity: 2048 Levels
  • Improved drawing surface
  • MircoSD card slot (Takes up to 64GB)
  • Ambidextrous friendly
  • Use with Windows or Mac Operating System

Both are very similar, but the Huion 1060 Plus is basically the upgrade to the Pro, although the names wouldn't really suggest that. Some people think the Pro is the newest model but it's actually the other way round. For a bit more money the Plus comes with more internal storage space included than the Pro. The Pro comes with 4GB and the Plus comes with 8GB. This is like a mini hard drive. Both also have a MircoSD card slot and can be upgraded to 64GB. The Plus model has twelve express keys compared to the Pro's eight (used for creating personal shortcuts).

Huion 1060 Plus+ SlateAll things considered, this is a good graphics tablet. The cordless drawing pen / stylus is new and improved and has a short charging time (charged via USB) and lasts a very long time before needing a recharge (Hundreds of hours). No matter what hand you draw with the 1060 Plus is more than capable as it has a features which allows the user to change their preference.

This is an excellent option if more than one person (that are different handed) are going to be using the device. An it's also useful if you are Ambidextrous or want to try to improve your drawing skills with your not so good hand. Lots of fun.

The 1060 Plus will work with Windows 7, 8, Vista and Windows 10. Macintosh 10.8 and above. Sadly, Huion don't list Windows XP as being compatible with the Plus. Although they do list XP on the Pro model. This model also comes some free gifts. Ten white pen nibs, ten black pen nibs, two replacement covers / overlays, and also a cleaning cloth. The 1060 Plus will work with a large majority of pressure sensitive drawing software packages. Some include: Corel Painter, CorelDraw, Photoshop, Fireworks, Manga Studio and many others.

Be careful when using the 1060 Plus with Drawplus as there are a few reported issues.  And some others regarding drivers (Few and far between). The 1060 Plus is really good for the price. In fact it is one of the best in its price range, and the customer reviews paint all kinds of pictures (pardon the pun) describing how wonderful it is to use. A question that gets asked a lot:

Can I only use a drawing tablet with a desktop PC?

No, they will work with Laptops also. Slate drawing devices use the USB port to connect to an external device, and every modern laptop and PC has one, so a laptop or PC is perfectly compatible and fine to use. Although, try to use the graphics tablet with the work station that has the most processing power, as this will make your user experience much smoother.

There are so many slate style tablets in the market place, and its get almost as crowded as the normal tablet market it (thankfully not quite there yet!). No screen models are very capable devices, widely used by amateurs and professionals for work and for play. They are cheap, practical and feature rich. But most of them, including the 1060 Plus do have a few limitations like no multi-touch function or pen tilt. But these features are not essential to say the least, and you won't miss them if you've never used them before.

If you're someone that's going to need a more advanced graphics tablet (with Tilt - Multi touch etc) they are available at extra cost with no screen. It all comes down to budget. If you're going to spend more money and want to buy a device that is more advanced, you should consider buying a Graphics Drawing Tablet With Screen if your budget allows. Prices are higher than the slate models (no screen) and rise rapidly with graphics tablets from the Wacom range and other top brands (fairly expensive). Not cheap. Tight budget? The Ugee 1910B is one of the top contenders hovering within the lower price zone that has a screen. Visit the link above for more information. Well worth the investment if you're seriously into your artwork.

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MB said...

So this tablet was bought for me by my bf. At first I was very, very hyped about getting this tablet. Great price, great product, what more could I wish for, right? Oh boy was I wrong.

When it arrived I was in love with it. No lag, sensitivity was amazing, quality of art I could produce insane. However, fast forward about two months, the cable starts falling out all the time, connectivity issues begin and soon using the tablet becomes simply impossible.

My boyfriend, original purchaser, contacts the support, he ships it to the provided address (which takes forever by the way), Amazon returns all the expenses, no problem there. Soon they decide to send me a new tablet, since old one was too broken I suppose. Surely, first one was flawed and second one would continue to be what we paid for, right? Wrong.

Not three months go by, the cable starts falling out again, like with the first one, so not wanting to go trough with the entire ordeal of having the tablet replaced again, I went and bought a gold plated cable with longer connector, hoping that’ll fix the problem. Well, it didn’t. So I resorted to taping the tablet and cable together and that sort of solved it for a while. But then, because obviously the cable wasn’t the only problem, the software went haywire. I had to reinstall the drivers almost weekly, but I assumed that’s my old pc’s fault since it was pretty old.

Got new pc, no change, until the moment when the tablet refused to connect completely. All that happened when you plugged it in was my pc reporting that “USB” was flawed and didn’t work properly or few times nothing happens at all. I reinstall drivers few times before I give up and hand it over to my boyfriend again, so he can test it on his pcs and if it turns out to be tablet’s fault. talk to the support. Well, guess what, it indeed is the tablet. They ask him for a video, he sends one and about a MONTH later, they ask for ANOTHER video!

All in all, GREAT product, if you’re planning to test Amazon’s support – and honestly, most of the time they are great. Sadly, this tablet isn’t. I really suggest getting something different.